Chances are...

You're on your way to multiple 6-figures.  Maybe even 7.

Like... what if, right?

But you have that aching feeling maybe it's not going to be everything you think.

what if you're only more stressed?

what if you feel even more overwhelmed?

what if all the freedom & ease you've been dreaming of needs more than just more money alone?


how do i know?

Because Not 👏🏼 All 👏🏼 Money is DreamMoney™.

Because Some of Those
What If's Are Right!

That feeling you're after, that dreamy destination, is wrapped up with money, but it's not all about the money.  Instead, it's MORE MONEY & shifting the way you think, work, & lead.

DreamMoney™ is about leaving scarcity, desperation, & trauma-informed fear behind.  It's about developing systems and strategies that minimize confusion and overwhelm.  It's about getting your body on board so it's safe to feel safe.  But more than anything, it's about deepening trust with money (and trust with yourself) so money feels like the BEST part of doing business and a playful, exciting, expansive addition to your life.

Welcome to the world of DreamMoney™!

Where money is seen as one of the most powerful tools for creating liberation, ease, possibility, & joy. 

Where money is seen as the biggest supporter of your dreams. 

Where money gets to feel easy, clear, calm, & serene

Where money is ALWAYS in deeper service to your life, respectful of your time, & honoring of your sovereignty.  You can leave sacrifice behind! 

Being loud & proud with what I believe.  In my world, business is political & should be an extension of your values in the world.  Intentional business can be one of the most potent vehicles for creating the difference you want to make & the culture you want to live in. 

Sage wisdom.  I have roots as a former psychotherapist that go far beyond just mindset alone.  I have years of experience helping people cultivate integrity, truth, & freedom.  These days, I build bridges between the inner tools you likely already have & how to apply them richly to money!   

Profit First.  I am certified after all. Profit First®️ is a cash management system that brings SO much ease & clarity to your money.  Learn more here!

A few things I'm known for:

I'm Megan Hale, part healer, part strategist, who is all about helping you make the money of your dreams & feel good in its pursuit AND achievement!

But perhaps, my most well-known magic is helping you amplify YOUR MAGIC.

And creating DreamMoney™ while we're at it by baking every gift, value, and dream into a business that makes sense with the inner work that gets results!


Official Bio

Megan Hale is Profit First®️ Business Strategist & Money Mentor for equity driven entrepreneurs ready to step into DreamMoney™ & create sustainable, aligned business growth.

As a former psychotherapist with a soulful perspective, she brings a rich business acumen that expertly blends both practical and intuitive strategy with the “how-to” of money to help you consciously create a business that intentionally funds your dreams. Her raved about Money Map has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs deepen into money mastery in a feel good way! 

With a special emphasis on empowering women identifying entrepreneurs into their next level of growth, she regularly podcasts on the intersections of business, money, psychology, & leadership with a focus on leveraging entrepreneurship, especially as a White woman, to build a more equitable world.  

Personal Bio

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, I currently live in Omaha, NE with my Air Force hubby and our two boys. Most of my time is spent learning who I am as a mother and who I want to become to raise two conscious, kind boys into awakened, thoughtful, compassionate men.  

I'm committed to staying present to dismantling systems of oppression, my complicity in upholding them, and shifting my own internalized beliefs that continue to perpetuate an archaic patriarchal, white supremacy system. You can read more about what staying engaged in anti-racism means for me & my community here

I’m acutely interested in what it means to be a compassionate leader in our world today, how we maintain open hearts with fierce boundaries, and how we live from a place of integrity by taking brave action that heals and transforms us all. My personal work will always be rooted in being a compassionate agent of change – of leading, loving, and living braver, of finding our own liberation from the disempowered stories we tell ourselves & the systems that reinforce them so we can make a bigger impact in the world.  

I’m a firm believer that we hold all our own answers, that we have unique gifts to share, that we’re here to live into our fullest expression, and we're all just walking each other home. The more permission we give ourselves to be wildly who we are, the more whole (and holy) we become. It’s from this place we access the depths of our true power & pursue a more fulfilling life that's all our own.  

I’m so glad you’re here!


ma clinical counseling

former licensed professional counselor (LPC)

former board certified coach (bcC)

profit first®️ certified

grief, loss, & trauma sensitive certified coach




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