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An 8-Month group program to:

Step Into your Thought Leadership

Make A Bigger Impact

And Create a 1:Many Offer That Shifts Your Trajectory!


Ohhh, hey!

I'm Megan

And if you're a brilliant coach, therapist, consultant, or healer who is ready to amplify your wisdom to shift the way we live, love, work, & lead...

Chances are,

You're really going to like it here!

Flow is a small group coaching container delivering holistic business strategy, high-level mentorship, and unparalleled support from a fellow healer as we elevate YOUR WORK in the world!

You're Ready To:

Deepen your brand message & Method for the movement you're here to lead
Create A 1:Many Offer For Those You're Here to Serve 
and build a solid sales strategy that gets your work More deeply seen & Widely known!

And although....

Having a multiple 5-figure+ launch is exactly our main goal 😉, you're ALSO thinking MUCH BIGGER PICTURE for what this looks like down the road!!  
Because you want an offer that has longevity.
That can grow with you as you grow.
that's intentionally designed to make an impact, but also fits into a larger whole

Because, yes!  

But one that sets the tone for more Flow!

We're focused on just one offer, 

Where it lays the foundation for your entire business model to have more OFFER FLOW! 

Inside the Anatomy of a Sustainable Business, every offer supports the others creating cohesive flow. 

It's not only essential for streamlining your marketing & your focus, but also creating a sustainable sales flow.  

What most people do is create offers NOT thinking about the larger whole.  What I help you do is think about the BIGGER PICTURE and how each offer serves a specific role.  

It takes YEARS to build out your entire business model as you build your body of work in the world, which is why I want to help you create the RIGHT OFFER that can support your business long-term!

BUT what's even better is sustainable revenue can happen with just ONE KEY OFFER, which is exactly our main goal!!

Flow helps you clarify your framework that holds the entire whole and then building & launching one key offer that generates multiple 5-figures+ that brings your wisdom to the world!



Is here to support the practitioner who is serving clients 1:1 and may even have a 1:Many Offer who's ready to make a larger impact in the world.

I specialize in helping my clients create or refine sustainable, scalable programs that MAKE MORE POSSIBLE in their business!

With a focus on sustainable offer design that also brings in the cash, I'm also here to invite you deeper into your thought leadership for the bigger ripple effect you're here to have!


Create your Signature Method & Brand message for the movement you're here to lead

Build or Refine a 1:Many Offer that Brings Your Thought Leadership to the world

Price & Design Your offer to generate a multiple
5-figure + launch










Debrief your launch for the wins & lessons you want to celebrate & integrate the wisdom you've learned



Create a Custom Values-Driven Launch Strategy that brings your work to the people you're here to serve


Strategically Repurpose your launch assets for more impact & the highest Possible Return!

The Result?

A business that has a SUSTAINABLE FOUNDATION that's able to bring in reliable, sustainable revenue with a sales strategy that's repeatable & customizable for whatever you build next!






Build Next

Part Smarts, Part Heart

Hi, Visionary!  I'm Megan Hale - business strategist & thought partner for coaches, consultants, therapists, & healers who are ready to build their body work, create potent offers that deliver it, and create reliable, sustainable, life-giving cash flow so they can make their MOST MEANINGFUL contribution! 

As a former psychotherapist, I thrive helping you integrate your wisdom into a business that feels like the deepest expression of who you are!  And putting strategy & structure around it for how it wants to be delivered in the world. 

With an intuitive ear for listening to your work deeply and honoring your deepest strengths, my gift is helping you create your most POTENT OFFERS for the people you're here to serve!

I've built a MULTIPLE-6 FIGURE business AND supported my clients in doing the same. 

But the thing you'll hear from my clients (besides the revenue their businesses generate) is how GOOD it feels to finally be making BIG IMPACT!

100% Magic

If I do say so myself!

Welcome to...

With strategy that's supportive & gets results!

Is An 8-Month Intimate Group Program to Help You step into your thought leadership, make a bigger impact, and create a 1:Many offer that shifts your entire trajectory!



Here's How It's All Going Down:


Meets bi-weekly over the course of 6 months

We meet for a drop-in coaching call every other Tuesday from 12pm-1:30pm CST.

We meet for optional co-working every other Thursday from 12-1:30pm CST too.   

It includes:

Access to high-level distilled curriculum that will take you NO MORE than 3 hours each month

A private community for connecting with your peers

The benefit of a group program with other like-minded visionaries who are shifting the world forward with their work! 

The Schedule







Group Coaching 
with Megan

Group Coaching 
with Megan


12-1:30pm CST

12-1:30 PM CST


** Please note, we serve clients who are primarily based in the US and Canada. 

If you're outside of those time zones and still wish to join our program, we're happy to have you!  

All calls are recorded and posted within 24 hours.  

All 1:1 calls and direct messaging support are facilitated between our regular hours of operation 11am-3pm CST, Monday -Thursday.

Flow meets every other week as follows:

Here's How To Get a Spot:

Complete the very short questionnaire below so I can get a sense of where you are in your business.

From there, we'll connect via Voxer or DMs so we can ensure this is the right fit.

If it's a "YES" from us both, I'll send you a link to claim your spot. 

In This Group Program, You Not Only Get Potent Trainings That Have Taken My Business To Multiple 6-Figures, But You'll Also Have My High-Level Support For A Full 8 Months! 

Flow is a Highly Curated Program

Your Investment?

Eight Equal Payments

of $1k

Comes With


Full access to Flow's Curriculum & Group Coaching Calls

Access to our private community on Facebook for additional networking, connection, and support

1:1 Voxer access with Megan throughout your launch (a total of 4-6 weeks depending on your launch timeline that you'll map out with Megan)

Ready to Get in Touch?

Complete the short questionnaire below and I'll reach out to get a convo started.

Please note, I only work with businesses I truly believe I can help.  If it's not the best fit, I'll offer my best advice for your next best steps.


When are the live coaching calls?
Every other Tuesday & Thursday from 12-1:30pm CST. We enroll with rolling enrollment so reach out for our next start date.

Are the calls recorded? 
Yes.  And the recordings will be available within 24 hours.  Typically, even sooner.

What types of offers do you help your clients build?
I help them design sustainable group programs, memberships, certifications, live courses, and masterminds.

What if I already have a framework?
Great!! I'll want to review your framework to ensure it speaks to your deepest wisdom, your core values are layered in throughout as this is an integral piece to how I help you create the most magnetic launch strategy, and that your brand message is making the clearest, most potent invitation for your people!

What if I already have a 1:Many offer?
Awesome! We already have a great foundation.  We'll review your existing offer to really pull your thought leadership forward, assess opportunities for it to get even better results, potentially shift its capacity or structure to open up more revenue potential in your business, and make sure you're clear on its core objectives and who it best serves.  

What if I don't have an audience?
We'll be laying a rich foundation for audience building to prepare you for launch.  The audience size we need will depend on your offer and how many spots you have available inside your container.  

The most important piece is you're willing to get visible on the internet to help the people who need you FIND YOU!  This might look like growing a social media following on your platform of choice, pitching yourself to podcasts, writing articles for larger publications, doing guest trainings in other people's programs, or getting yourself out there in other aligned ways. 

What if I don't want to lead a launch? 
This program is exclusively for those who want to publicly invite people into your program.  If that's not your jam, this won't be the right fit. 

Can you guarantee I'll make my investment back? 
I can't.  Your results will depend on many variables outside both our control.  What I can guarantee is that I will give you all the tools, guidance, and strategy to have a multiple 5-figure+ launch.  I can guarantee I will show up at 100% for your vision and your dreams.  I can also guarantee I know what I'm doing and have the receipts to prove it.  I'm happy to connect you with current and past clients who will happily share their honest opinion. 

What's the cancellation policy?  
It's my every intention that both of us enter this agreement as clear as possible that this is the right fit for you. That's why a conversation is an absolute must before you're even able to claim a spot. However, in the event this isn't what you need - you will not continue to be charged for services not delivered.  That means no refunds will be given for services already provided, but future payments will cease and you'll be released from the program. 

How long do I have access to content? 
You'll maintain access to content through the duration of the program.  If you choose to cancel, you'll lose access to content and the community immediately.  If you desire to maintain access to content, we do have a curriculum-only plan for alumni for $100/month. 

More questions I didn't answer here? 
Complete the form above and I'll be in touch!


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