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Flow is a 12-Month High-Level Mastermind helping experienced entrepreneurs reach a Quarter Million in revenue by deepening their body of work, calling in their PERFECT-FIT clients, & making the ultimate shift from running a business to...


Serving an 
Intimate Audience
Creating Your Most Impactful Contribution

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 Oh hello, Multi- 6!

Chances are... you're ready to GO DEEPER!

You've led 1:Many programs or deliver exquisite, Done-For-You work, and NOW you're ready to... 

Stand in your BIGGEST DREAM
Manifest your BIGGEST VISION

And integrate your wisdom into a comprehensive body of work!!

We're the ones you go to when


  • Selling your soul to never-ending social

  • Falling into the trap of needing a HUGE audience

    (NOPE!  We're highly focused on quality!!)

  • Trading scalability for intimacy

    (You're here for gold-standard curriculum & high-impact touch points where PEOPLE feel known.  Not just a number!)

  • Or hiring a huge team. You want the most amazing people supporting your vision & driving your culture forward who work together like a dream!

You're ready to distill YOUR PROCESS to reach more people & change the friggin' world!


introducing a Highly Curated Approach to doing business &

Your Soul is Possible!

the Impact you know in

Oh, hey! I'm Megan.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet that's "little" on purpose! 

Let me tell you why...

I know if you've been in business for any amount of time, you've likely felt the pressure to grow your list & following by the thousands and create value-based content for months on end wondering when all of it's going to feel more sustainable.

What you don't know is there's a growing community of entrepreneurs who have said NO to the hustle & YES to an incredible business that not only brings in GREAT MONEY, but creates major impact for an intentional, highly-curated group of people!

We're talking about lists of 300-1k & followings of less than 2k

Who don't have the vanity metrics to "prove it", but also couldn't care less about those numbers!

Because while others are chasing more, more, more, we know more only matters when it's

MORE OF THE RIGHT thing. As in...

  • The RIGHT people for
  • The RIGHT offer at 
  • The RIGHT time at
  • The RIGHT price point

Which means radically knowing your work, who it's best for, & calling in those who are ready to get the most from your wisdom!


It's time to focus on more of the RIGHT things for the RIGHT people that finally give YOU the freedom, flexibility, & impact you crave while taking you to an all new level of abundance!

WELCOME to my CURATED COMMUNITY where I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs LIKE YOU make the shift from running a service-based business to leading an





ARE YOU READY TO REACH THE $250k MILESTONE in the most ALIGNED way possible?


Dusti Arab, CEO |

The Reinvention Co.

Megan is seriously money magic! I wouldn't have the business I have today without her "quantum brilliance"!

While working together, I developed my certification - LITERALLY MY LIFE'S WORK - that took my business & my purpose to an entirely different level! 

I sold out my first cohort right away, raised my prices and sold out again & just wrapped a $380K LAUNCH just 2 years later QUADRUPLING my number of students!

The growth has been AMAZING, but what's been even better is knowing I'm creating a sustainable future for my daughter as a single mom, baking a give back into my business for other single mamas & modeling for other women that it is 100% possible to turn our BIG dreams into our reality!

Jackie McDonald |

EFT Tapping Coach

Working with Megan absolutely changed the trajectory of my business. 

I went from 5K months to 20K months INSTANTLY! 

And 90 days later, I'm on track to gross MULTIPLE SIX FIGURES for the first time ever working less than ever before!

If you're here to level up as a CEO, she's the kind of person you want in your corner.  Megan is as kind as she is BRILLIANT. Especially when it comes to money! 

Let's Talk About Why $250K Matters

And the Feel Good Way We're Going to Get There!

When you think about money that's truly abundant & spacious, chances are you want enough cash flow that allows you to:

  • Pay yourself WELL
  • Hire a small & mighty team
  • Invest back into your business
  • And start funding your bigger dreams! 

$250K is the number that finally opens you up to being financially supported & deeply resourced

And allows you to consistently contribute to the world YOU want to see!

After working with HUNDREDS of businesses across the US and Canada, this $250K milestone shows up again and again as the number that adequately & abundantly funds our most meaningful financial needs! 

I want to introduce you to the NOVEL IDEA that there's a WHOLE WIDE WORLD in between that's incredibly PROFITABLE, deeply FULFILLING, and opens a whole new level of POSSIBILITY! 
Because we're not just focused on thoughtful business design that gathers the right people & delivers gold-standard results. 

We're here to elevate YOUR leadership for the movement you're making, the change you're creating, and... 
In a world where it's 6-figure this and 7-figure that...

Multiple 6 Figures is amazing for many reasons!

Especially how WE'RE going to get there. 

All the ways you're intentionally disrupting the status quo!

Delivers a potent 3-part framework for not only creating transformation for your clients, but being HIGHLY INTENTIONAL with:


The culture YOU're creatinG




Ready for more Flow?

Online Training

You'll have a blend of live & pre-recorded trainings as we refine & streamline your One Key Offer + build in the leadership pieces that make sold out programming possible!

1:1 & Group Support

You'll meet with me, my coaches, and your peers regularly for bi-weekly hot seats, intimate peer-led masterminds, and intentionally placed 1:1s to offer custom feedback, guidance, & support!

Digital Library

You'll get access to high-level templates, workflows, guides, & spreadsheets to help you go deeper & get clearer on your business structure, company culture, and multiple 6-figure financials!

We bring the MOST potent pieces for making an impact through a company that reflects your soul!

With an equal focus on strategy & leadership

We give you the business wisdom, structure, culture, & systems that will support you along the way!

Whether that's staying at $250K OR scaling beyond to millions

With a holistic lens

Flow delivers high-level training, custom support, & powerful community!

As we help you design, sell, & deliver your one key offer while learning to lead A multiple 6-figure company!

Over the course of 12 months, you'll have access to...


But Let's Talk Specifics

Flow delivers 4 core curriculum blocks coupled with a variety of support for next level results! Each month, you'll receive live & on-demand training as we make our way through the curriculum below.

Our focus?

Helping you create your One Key Offer that makes your MOST IMPACTFUL contribution while supporting who you're becoming as the intentional, conscious, equity-driven leader of your multiple 6-figure company! 

Block 1

(Months 1-3)

FOUNDATIONS of Your Multiple 6-figure company

MINDSET & energetics



company culture

  • MINDSET & energetics
  • Leadership 
  • systems
  • company culture

Block 2

(Months 4-5)

Creating your one key offer

offer design

curriculum development

high-touch delivery

pricing models & price points

  • offer design
  • curriculum development
  • high-touch delivery
  • pricing models & price points

Block 3

(Months 6-8)

Filling Your offer with perfect-fit clients

consent-based sales systems

creating high-value sales assets

live enrollment

evergreen marketing systems

  • consent-based sales systems
  • creating high-value sales assets
  • live enrollment
  • evergreen marketing systems

Block 4

(Months 9-12)

Exquisite delivery of your one key offer

creating culture for transformation

navigating ethical dilemmas

balancing content creation & delivery

creating your delivery systems

hiring & on-boarding your small dream team

  • creating culture for transformation
  • navigating ethical dilemmas
  • creating your delivery systems
  • hiring your small dream team

A Look Inside The Curriculum

Are you nodding

Yes, Yes, Yes?


We've put such a high level of care & intention into our program's design to get you the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS!  

Our core focus is to have the following 4 components up & operating in YOUR OWN COMPANY in the next 12 months:


Your One key offer

In the Anatomy of a Sustainable Business Model, we're highly focused on creating One Key Offer that can generate $250K+ in recurring yearly revenue.

This offer, for you, might be a membership, group program, mastermind, or certification depending on what you already have built in your business and the larger impact you envision for your company. 

Regardless of the offer type, your One Key Offer will be a blend of core curriculum that serves as the "skeleton" of your offer with the addition of high-level touch points to create ultimate client results. 

Sales & Marketing Systems

FLOW teaches a customized, sustainable strategy for filling your One Key Offer and generating a steady flow of perfect-fit clients. 

We lean on a blend of live enrollment & a diversified evergreen strategy by creating high-value sales assets that can be used over and over again to get the highest ROI from your marketing efforts.

You'll be guided through a perfected, tested, & distilled framework for creating high-value sales assets that prioritize rapport & effortlessly position your One Key Offer as the organic next step for your clients.  

We'll walk you step-by-step through creating & delivering high-value sales events & leveraging that content for ongoing visibility and audience growth.  

But more than that, you'll have mindset support & leadership support for a consent-based and decolonized approach to sales & marketing.


Company culture & leadership

If you want your One Key Offer to stand out in the market, this is much more than just positioning (although we'll cover that too!)  

Remember, we're focused on reaching the $250K Milestone with One Key Offer serving a small, intimate audience.  To do that, you must be powerfully grounded in your leadership and be crystal clear on the culture you're creating inside your company. 

That means being bold in your values, explicit in your beliefs, and being anchored in a larger movement you're leading that builds a highly-invested community.  

We do intentional leadership around here and acknowledge that culture drives everything! 

From the clients you attract, to the team members who come on board, to the way you hold yourself through expansion - it all comes back to how you're leading yourself first that impacts every facet of your company.  

That's why you'll have our expert support to help you navigate high-level decisions, practice high-level discernment, and clarify the leadership style you want to embody for the impact you crave as you move into a deeper leadership role within your company.


delivering exquisite client experiences

If there's ONE vision I hold for my own company, it's not only helping my clients make more Feel Good Money & their most impactful contribution, but helping them create spaces & communities that are safe for their clients to expand into their own becoming.

Delivering a gold-standard experience that sets the bar in your industry comes down to the space you're holding, the culture you're creating, and the systems that allow you to serve more people while prioritizing relationship.  

You'll have our expert guidance to help you craft your high-level customer experience that not only prioritizes their results, but how they feel while being a customer inside your company. 


Our Focus

Ready to apply to FLOW?

Your investment includes:

Access to the full FLOW framework and digital library

Seven (7) 1:1 Touch Points with Megan

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching

Bi-Weekly Peer Led Mastermind Calls

Access to the Private Flow Facebook community

Access to all of the above for a full 12 months

Your Investment

12 Monthly Payments of


1 Full Payment of


Ready for More Info?

Flow is a Curated Program with New Cohorts Enrolling Regularly

Fill out the form below and I'll be in touch with more info on when our next cohorts are enrolling, any time-sensitive bonuses we have coming up, and a little bit more about the work we do inside including all the systems we use, the strategies we map out, and the key milestones we focus on each month!

A Note From Me To You

As an experienced entrepreneur, I know you're not new to investing in yourself and your business.  I know you're wildly committed to your dreams!  

But you're also highly discerning of where you put your money, time, and energy.  Me too!  

Inside FLOW, you'll find next level community for ethical business owners who are driven to leverage their companies for social change. 

You'll find a powerful & potent place to lean into your leadership and the next version of self you're ready to become. 

You'll be held as you navigate your edges with transparent leadership guiding you the whole way.

If you appreciate tactical tools alongside the inner work, I know you'll love our approach inside FLOW!  

Come join us!


I'm a woman of color who is hesitant investing with a white woman.  What can I expect being in this space?

I think it's important to note a lot of white woman are attracted to my work so you can likely expect white women in this space. However, the white women I attract are called to my work because of my explicit inclusive, equitable stance as they too share those same values.

I cannot promise you there will be no harm done in this container, but what I can promise is there have been intentional steps taken & continually taken to prioritize & protect People of Color in this space. I also take full responsibility for leading the white folks present for what this looks like in action.   

Here are the key steps we've taken:  

  1. You have the option to select a Person of Color only peer led mastermind when you join. 
  2. You have the option of opting out of a peer led mastermind (as do our white clients) if that doesn't feel like a safe option for you. 
  3. We have specific community guidelines that include inclusive language to minimize racial harm and trauma in our spaces that every single client must review as part of their on-boarding process. 
  4. There is a clear boundary about white clients not processing/unpacking their mistakes inside our spaces. Instead, I offer my inbox for personal conversations to ensure that work is being held in a container that doesn't create more harm. 
  5. Our coaching team (including me, Megan Hale, and Ixchel Lunar, as well as any future coaches we hire) are consistently engaged in our own learning for minimizing harm at the highest level possible. 

Prioritizing your safety & belonging is very important to me and that means creating a container where your experience can be centered, witnessed, held, and supported in community. I will do everything in my power to enforce & uphold this commitment.

If you have additional questions or want to connect 1:1, please reach out directly so we can make sure you have all the clarity you need to make this commitment confidently. 

what happens after i join?

You'll get an immediate confirmation email welcoming you into Flow with all your on-boarding materials.

This investment is a stretch for me. Any advice? 

Yes!  There are many times in business when we stretch ourselves beyond our current financial means to get where we want to go.  

What's most important is that your investment is made from a place of being willing to also spend the time, energy, and resources to create a cohesive offer and learn the strategies we teach inside this program.  FLOW is not a get rich-quick program. We go deep.  We embrace the nuance of your unique business.  We do the due diligence of building foundations that will ripple out for years & years to come.

You have Q's?

I have answers!


Ready to apply?