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Chances are you’ve done a lot of inner work to get where you are at this point. You've let go of old stories, made progress toward your dreams, and although you let go of "should's" a long time ago, there's still that very real ache that your business really should be further along.

  • After all, you've created captivating content that's built a beautiful community.
  • You've sold your work or at least had a million ideas of how you'd like to.
  • And you know without a shadow of a doubt that you're here for bigger things.

The thing you think is standing in your way is clarity. And that's partly true, especially when it comes to your money. But the deeper truth is:


Because I would imagine you have a vision for what you want to be possible 5+ years from now. And that vision could be a million+1 things. Like...

  • Launching that podcast with thousands of downloads
  • Selling out those international retreats
  • Building that healing center in the middle of the jungle, or
  • Standing on stage delivering that signature soul-shifting speech

The problem, of course, is that you think is still so far away from now when the truth is its WAY CLOSER than you think!

Because it's possible to take that 5+ year vision and turn it into 2! (I've done it.)
You can create the momentum that keeps visiting you in your dreams. (with ease!)
You can step into the money, impact, & fulfillment you know is possible.

And do it feeling deliciously good, energetically supported, & fully aligned!

Because the truth is....

  • The vision you hold needs a solid foundation to stand on.
  • You need radical clarity on your people & the impact you're here to make.
  • To step into money mastery that's as smart & soulful as you are.
  • And to create a business that's expansive where every single one of your gifts & wells of wisdom has a space to fully belong.

You need more than just the basics on what it takes to run a business. You need smart & soulful strategy for #feelgoodmoney, integrity-driven growth & running your business like an intentional CEO.

And that, my purpose-driven CEO, is my cue!

I’m Megan Hale, Profit First Business Strategist & Money Mentor for equity driven entrepreneurs who brings the business know how & money wisdom to support you in becoming your fullest expression so you can share your magic more boldly (and profitably) with the world.

Whether you’ve been at this business thing for awhile and still working toward your first #feelgood 6-figure year or have already crossed that 6-figure mark feeling totally off with how you want this business to feel....

I’m your girl to help you restructure your business making it far more profitable & way more easeful by helping you be both purpose-driven & profit-focused so you can step into the successful arena where you know you belong.  

The way we get there is through custom strategy, financial mastery, & smart business growth that feels fully aligned!  

By helping you shift from someone who is simply running a business to someone who's intentionally growing a business by owning your magic & shifting to CEO. 

  • Who’s far more discerning with where you put your time
  • Who’s far more mindful of where you focus your energy
  • Who’s way clearer in the value you bring
  • Who’s far more confident on who you’re here to help with the impact you’re here to make & 
  • Who’s far more aligned with how you’re going to make it all a reality

You didn’t start your business with a wealth of business wisdom.  You started it as a coach, helper, healer or creative who had gifts to share & a purpose to step into.  Now, it’s time to take charge of your business, say "yes" to #feelgoodmoney, and lead yourself to your next level of growth like a wise, discerning, empowered AF CEO.

The CEO Shift is a 6-month supportive container that's spaciously designed to get you next level growth.

  • Month 1: Refining Your Foundation (3 Modules)
  • Month 2: Creating Your Scalable Structure (3 Modules)
  • Month 3: Spacious Selling & Sustainable Earning (3 Modules) 
  • Month 4-6: Implementation, Live Launching, & Accountability (No Modules. Only Big CEO Action.)  

Together, we walk through an intuitive process that streamlines your business from the ground up refining it & fortifying it for consistent, sustainable, profitable results.

1. Claiming Your Seat at The Table. You're here to create a movement. It's time to dial it all the way in, own it, claim it, and step into your unique role in shifting the world forward.

2. Clarifying Your Revenue. This goes beyond just setting money goals or even understanding the flow-in & flow-out of cash. We'll create custom Profit First allocations for your goals & implement Profit First in your business while calling in more revenue that helps you play a bigger game. 

3. Dialing In Your Boundaries. If you're here to be a CEO, it starts with prioritizing your time & your energy so you can serve at your highest level. We'll dive into energetics, life/work balance, and create the foundation for scalability through sustainability that all revolves around you, your values, and what you need to rise as your most vibrant self. 

4. Refining Your Structure. You've either created far too many offerings that are splintering your work or have created offerings you've launched once or twice, but shelved because they weren't quite "the thing". We'll refine what you're offering to your BIG VISION & IMPACT and simplify your whole business model for scalable revenue. 

5. Aligning Your Price Points. Here, you'll learn how to blend intuition & strategy to stand in your deepest integrity. We'll push up against money mindset & ground down into your next level of growth. 

6. Stacking Your Offers. We'll take a bird's eye view of your whole business, how your offerings fit into your life, and make specific adjustments that more deeply support the current season you're in. Here, we'll be paying special attention to your energetic resources as we plan out how your offerings will stack throughout the year. 

7. Selling Out With Ease. With a bird's eye view of your business, we'll layer in your unique sales process that supports your energy while also generating big results. We'll intentionally create space for intuition to come through & build systems to sell with ease again & again.

8. Magnetizing Your Message. You didn't come here to grow a business. You came here to start a movement. We'll leverage that vision to create potent messaging & marketing that pulls high-caliber clients closer while standing fully in your values & integrity.

9. Amplifying Your Light. The hustle-forward way of growth leaves little room for ease. We'll leverage the inner work you've spent years accumulating to step into your next level of growth & the leader you're here to be.

Ready to say "YES" to #feelgoodmoney & integrity-driven growth?


When you sign up for The CEO Shift, you get access to a thoughtfully created program that blends the power of small group work, self-paced learning, and high-level mindset work to step into a business that's fully aligned.

The CEO Shift includes:

  • Complete Access to the Full 9 Module CEO Shift Framework that gives you everything you need to intentionally design a fully integrated business that makes way more cash with way more ease and feels like a true representation of who you want to be in the world. Think 9 unique video trainings that give you everything you need to level up as CEO (Value = $5k)
  • (2) Monthly CEO Mindset Calls as we dive into sales, money, leadership, boundaries, self-care, inner trust & positive belief to lead your business like a boss & expand into your fullest expression (Value = $10k)
  • 6 Months Access to Daily Tapping with Jackie McDonald inside her Wildly Wealthy Woman membership to support you in taking quantum leaps (Value = $600)
  • (1) Supportive Facebook Community for sharing wins, getting feedback from your peers, and added accountability for CEO Level Growth (Priceless.  I bring together the BEST people!)
  • (2) Monthly Intimate Peer-Led Growth Groups that meet for collaboration, masterminding, and cheerleading as you show up braver, take up more space, and step into your value like a boss (Equally priceless.  You’ll be meeting in small groups of 4 without me to find your next biz bestie & collaborate with brilliant minds for holding you steady & reminding you of who you are and what you’re here to achieve.)
  • Full Access to the Advanced CEO Money Mapping Templates (Value = $2500)
  • Advanced Profit Planning for Custom Profit First Allocations
  • Offering Creation Framework for Sustainably Structured Offers
  • Yearly Financial & Energetic Outlook for Ultimate Freedom & Ease
  • Profit Projection Calculator for Business Growth and Intentionally Funding Your Dreams

TOTAL VALUE: $18,100

YOUR INVESTMENT: 6 Monthly Payments of $765 (or total investment of $4590)

6 payments of $765

I know what it's like to wonder when your business is going to take off after months & years of doing all the right things. 


  • Stand firmly in your wisdom & own the vastness of your magic
  • Work way smarter, NOT harder
  • Step into #feelgoodmoney & SUSTAINABLE PRICE POINTS (hello, pay raise!)
  • Be profit-focused vs. only purpose-driven (game-changer!)
  • Turn those 5 year goals into 2 (YES, IT'S POSSIBLE!)
  • Step into possibility vs. only dreaming about it, and
  • Go all in for who you want to be so you can step into who you’re to become (magic, babe! And full of so much integrity!)




The CEO Shift is a 6-month, high-touch mentorship program for intuitive-driven women entrepreneurs who are ready to take charge of the way their business is structured & operates to play a bigger game. This program is designed to teach you how to lead your business forward intentionally combining clarity on both revenue & impact to be in your deepest integrity. The CEO Shift framework walks you through the 9 Core Shifts you need to make as a CEO to lead your business at your highest level. This program is for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to be coached as CEOs for more revenue, money mastery, CEO mindset, potent strategy, supportive structure, and scalable systems to help you lead from your deepest integrity. 


The CEO Shift is designed for the transformational coach, helper, or healer who leads strongly with her intuition and knows she needs structure, systems, and strategies to take her business to the next level. You need a better grasp of your money & a clearer plan for sustainable growth. You're ready to step into a paradigm of selling that supports your energy vs. depleting it and you're also ready to step up as a thought leader and take your seat at the table. You're ready to sit in bigger rooms & have a bigger impact, but you want more than just outward success. You want the clarity & confidence in your ability to lead your business forward & with the tools to make even the biggest dream possible.


The CEO Shift Framework has been successfully tested on service-based business models only. If you currently offer 1:1 services, masterminds, memberships, courses, certifications, group programs, or retreats/events - The CEO Shift Framework will integrate seamlessly into your business as it beautifully streamlines your offerings creating an efficient flow for your ideal clients while allowing you to be in your highest service. 

The framework has not been tested on product-based business models.


My clients have had phenomenal success like:

  • Having multiple 5-figure months without the overwhelm or frenzy.
  • Doubling their price points AND receiving them!
  • Having clear revenue goals & profit margins that have led to laser tight pricing for their work.
  • Having firm boundaries that allow them to over-deliver without overstepping their own resources.
  • Having a sustainable revenue plan that grosses multiple 6-figures with a focus on profit.
  • Trusting their ability to manage their revenue to build wealth, invest wisely, save, and give at a high level.
  • Knowing how to leverage their energy for attraction marketing.
  • Infusing more impact into every layer of their business that is a deeper reflection of their values.
  • Feeling more supported than ever before to lead intuitively and with inspiration. 
  • Expanding their mission for impact far beyond just their business & starting to think on a global scale
  • Rising into thought leadership & knowing they have a seat at the table beside the leaders they admire. 

TL:DR Version: You can expect a complete uplevel in your business on all fronts - operationally, organizationally, financially, & spiritually. It's time to play a bigger game and step into the business you KNOW you can have & the impact you KNOW you're here to make. 

The CEO Shift is a 6-Month Program of Expert Business Training & High-Touch Support Including:

  • 9 Modules Delivering The CEO Shift Framework As Listed Above 
  • Bi-Weekly Peer-Led Accountability Groups for peer support, masterminding, and reminding of who you are & what you're here to achieve
  • CEO Mindset Calls with Megan (2x/month)
  • 6 Months Access to Daily Tapping with Jackie McDonald inside her Wildly Wealthy Woman Membership
  • BONUS CEO Templates Including:  
  • Advanced Profit Planning
  • Offering Creation Framework
  • Yearly Financial & Energetic Outlook
  • Profit Projection Calculator  



Because sustainability, spaciousness, and ease are 3 core values I stand by, I've created a spacious pace for you to create sustainable business growth:  

  • Phase I (Month 1): Refining Your Foundation (3 Modules)
  • Phase 2 (Month 2): Creating Your Scalable Structure (3 Modules)
  • Phase 3 (Month 3): Spacious Selling & Sustainable Earning (3 Modules) 
  • Phase 4 (Month 4-6): Implementation, Live Launching, & Accountability (No Modules. Only Big CEO Action.)  

The next cohort is enrolling now.

  • Peer-led accountability groups will be organized the 1st week of joining the program.
  • 6 months access to DAILY tapping with Jackie McDonald throughout your enrollment in the program.
  • CEO Mindset Calls with Megan every other Wednesday at 11:00am CST.


The CEO Shift framework is intentionally designed for entrepreneurs familiar with creating content & building an audience. You don't need a huge list or massive following to step into this program with me, but you will need some experience selling & marketing yourself in the online space and have a foundational knowledge of the moving parts required to run an online business.


The CEO Shift is one of the few programs out there that offers this level of high-touch mentorship for experienced entrepreneurs. You won't get lost in the shuffle. You'll have a mentor who knows your business inside & out. You don't need another cookie cutter program you have to fit yourself into. You need strategies that are custom tailored to you, your energy, and your vision. You've done the courses & masterminds. Now, it's time for high-touch mentorship and someone acting as Co-CEO, which is what you get when you work with me inside The CEO Shift. 


Yes! All students will be required to go through the Money Map prior to beginning the program and will also be required to read Profit First during your first month of the program. The Money Map is included in your CEO Shift Pre-Work while Profit First can be purchased from any major bookseller. Profit First has been foundational for creating financial stewardship and dramatically shifting the way money operates in my life & business. It is required reading for each of my clients, especially those who want deeper money mastery, as we'll be implementing Profit First in your business during our 6 months together. 


This program is not for you if you don't value diversity & integrity. The CEO Shift is intentional about working with diverse students and using our business platforms to create social change. This is about making a bigger impact with who you are, what you create, and what you put out in the world through your offerings, brand, & leadership. If you aren't interested in looking at the larger impact you're making in the world - this program is not the right fit for you. We will be discussing social topics such as Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, sustainable business practices, charitable give-backs, and pursuing business as a way to love the world forward. If those areas aren't of interest to you or you aren't ready to be more intentional with the impact you are creating - this is not the program for you. To read more about my explicit commitment to creating an equitable world, definitely check that out here!


I stand behind the strategies and systems I teach. Not only have they been fundamental for my client's business growth and their leadership, but have been instrumental in creating a sustainable framework for my own exponential growth. As a mom to two toddlers and a military spouse who frequently steps up at a moment's notice to support the current mission; having a sustainable, scalable business structure, systems, and strategies have been key. The CEO Shift does not offer any type of refund, however, if you find that the content is not for you or I'm the wrong fit as your coach, there is the option to unenroll within 30 days & forfeit access to the program materials.


Sign up below, claim your spot, & away we'll go!

6 Monthly Payments of $765

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