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For more money. With more ease.
Faster than you think?

This is what happens when you're in Flow,

A 12-month holistic mastermind that blends aligned custom strategy & powerful community for exponential, life-shifting, expansive business growth!

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smart business

with a soulful perspective

Where cash flow is STABLE

Your business honors your energy

And your offers             from one to the next supporting you & your clients powerfully! 


around here,

Seriously, your business will never be the same!

the effortless state of making major impact & intentional bank while collapsing the concept of time

Yes, please!

Also known as...


quantum /flō/ (n.)

Ohh, hi!

I'm Megan Hale, business strategist & money mentor for freedom-driven coaches, creatives, & consultants who crave a sustainable business that feels SOUL LEVEL GOOD!

With a DEEP focus on sustainability & profitability, I help you take leap after Quantum Leap by exquisitely leveraging your time, money, & energy.


By delivering a flexible framework & high-level strategy that creates a business that            while keeping more money in your business. Hello, more cash flow!


Your business is about to feel so friggin' good!

Gives you a step-by-step process to dial in 4 key areas of Flow over the course of 12 months.

your cash flow

Creating spacious, sustainable, reliable revenue for a business that stacks cash & funds your biggest dreams

your marketing flow

Creating a fully aligned strategy that attracts dream clients and stands firmly in your strengths

your energy flow

Creating a business that flows around your cycles & seasons honoring YOUR intuition, creativity, & needs

Creating a suite of offers delivering your best work flowing so organically from one to the next they start to sell themselves!

your offer flow

A fully sustainable business that's capable of



Quantum Leap!

The Result?

as in doubling your revenue

Ummm, that's a flex!



Dusti Arab, CEO |

The Reinvention Co.

Megan is seriously money magic! I wouldn't have the business I have today without her "quantum brilliance"!

While working together, I developed my certification - LITERALLY MY LIFE'S WORK - that took my business & my purpose to an entirely different level! 

I sold out my first cohort right away, raised my prices and sold out again & just wrapped a $380K LAUNCH just 2 years later QUADRUPLING my number of students!

The growth has been AMAZING, but what's been even better is knowing I'm creating a sustainable future for my daughter as a single mom, baking a give back into my business for other single mamas & modeling for other women that it is 100% possible to turn our BIG dreams into our reality!

Jackie McDonald |

EFT Tapping Coach




Ready to say          to the most transformative year of your life?


there are 5 things that make flow incredibly unique


Flow follows an equitable pricing model meaning you join based on your level of revenue prioritizing accessibility.

under $100k/yr

over $100k/yr

high level mastermind





Flow not only delivers the complete Quantum Flow Framework for stepping into the 4 key areas of flow, it also delivers high-level support with a panel of experts exclusively chosen for their unique wisdom!

(Meet them below!)


Around here, we're focused on building sustainable business, but ALSO starting to build WEALTH beyond it! 

That's why, you'll be meeting with a financial advisor EVERY MONTH bringing financial education FRONT & CENTER  to leverage your money faster toward reaching your financial goals!


COMMUNITY!  Flow provides an intimate container for 100 freedom-driven entrepreneurs who crave money & meaning, radical joy, & making bank that supports themselves, their families, and the world!

view pricing model


CULTURE!  As a former psychotherapist, my greatest gift is creating a safe & brave space grounded in belonging.   Here, we honor the highs & navigate the lows as we do the DEEP & VULNERABLE WORK of putting our souls out in the world.  All of it gets a space to belong!  Every identity you bring, every fear, & every win!

We're FULL ASS HUMANS here.  Sound like your speed?  Than you'll definitely love it inside!

Let's Meet Your Experts!

In addition to the whole Quantum Flow Framework that helps you dial in the 4 key area of Flow: your offers, cash, marketing, & energy

You have access to brilliant business wisdom to customize everything that you learn!

There's no cookie cutter anything!

Allow Me to Introduce You


Messaging & Positioning

Alison Tedford

Twice published author, highly praised copywriter, Indigenous DEI Coach, and here to help you find the right words that speak straight to the soul of your clients

financial advising

kath deriSson

Here to help you build wealth beyond your business with expert strategies to invest at every level of revenue & help you reach your long-term financial goals

ideal client expert

Chelsea Stevenson

With a deep expertise for connecting to your ideal clients and defining your niche, Chelsea brings the wisdom of knowing your people deeply and creating marketing based on their needs

soulful leadership

staci jordan shelton

One of the most grounded coaches I know, Staci's work is all about helping you get free from oppressive systems and stay free ensuring you're always honoring your boundaries, protecting your energy, & being audaciously who you are

Alissa mcdonald

marketing & offers

With an expertise for simple marketing and raved about offers that build community, Alissa brings her background as a teacher for helping you design offers that get results & maintain high client retention. 

She's built a membership of over 300 members plus courses, group programs, and 1:1 intensives.  But the thing I love the most is how she's built her business in the pockets of her day as a mama to littles.

shammy dee

dj extraidonaire

Every month, we'll gather as a community for high-vibe tunes with the BEST in the business to celebrate your wins!

business strategy & all things $$$

megan hale

And Me!!  Who is slightly obsessed with helping you build the sustainable business of your dreams & stepping into Feel Good Money that will radically shift your life

The Schedule







*FLOW Call with Megan*

Building Wealth

Messaging & Positioning

Marketing & Offers

& Mindset


12-1:30 CST

12-1:30 CST

1-2 CST

*High Vibe* w/ Shammy

Ideal Client Journey

a walk thru

*Peer Led MM Call*

*Peer Led MM Call*

* Denotes recommended mandatory calls every month

**Please note: The High-Level Mastermind will be meeting with me during the Peer Led MM Call times.  All other calls are optional for the High-Level to attend.

**Both the Peer Led MM Calls & monthly FLOW Call with Megan offer two meeting times (12pm CST & 7pm CST) to offer inclusive time zones for our global community! 

What's Included!

Flow delivers high-level business training focused on the 4 Key Areas of Flow: Your Offers, Your Cash, Your Marketing, Your Energy.

Each Key Area has 4-5 lessons, 30-60 minutes each.  If you're familiar with my style of teaching, you know I have a serious gift for distilling concepts creating potent content that delivers just what you need to help you take Quantum Leaps!  

All training is delivered in a virtual learning lab with on demand video trainings (with captions), spreadsheets, calculators, planners, & worksheets to help you take your business to the next level as a savvy, grounded, embodied CEO!

Quantum Flow Framework

Every month, you'll have access to expert wisdom to help you customize everything you learn!  You'll have every video recording from every call with transcripts & time-stamps PLUS a private podcast feed if you want to soak up all the wisdom on your own! 

access to experts & Private Podcast Feed

Real talk - building a business is some of the most vulnerable, expansive work we'll ever do!  Around here, we value friendship & collaborations and not trying to do this whole damn thing on our own!  The community is especially unique based on the culture we're co-creating inside!  

You'll have a weekly opportunity to share YOUR WORK, practice your pitch, and put yourself out there for amazing collaborations, connections, and referrals.  

We'll also have weekly threads that allow you to get some love if you're going through the expansion feels, share your wins to celebrate with your new crew, and get feedback on your current work because this is a mastermind, after all!! We share our brilliance for real deal growth! 


If you're new to me and my work, one IMPORTANT thing to note is we don't focus on random benchmarks of success.  Everything I do is grounded in anchored revenue goals that fund YOUR personal dreams!  Every piece of my framework focuses on helping you build a business that honors your availability, energy, & needs. 

We celebrate our progress toward our own GOALS here, especially when we take incremental leaps like doubling our price points, quadrupling our sales, or tripling our revenue from the prior year.

This is a space to honor YOUR own journey while also cultivating a space of belonging.  Around here, we value building equitable practices into every nook and cranny of our businesses,  being inclusive with our work & words, & leveraging our cash to create a better world.  This is a HIGH-VIBE space, but make no mistake - every single emotion gets to belong <3  

We're mamas, partners, care-takers, and friends.  We're always Human First, CEO Second.  Sound like your space?  Good!  Keep reading! 


Are you ready to bring more celebration into your journey?  GOOD!  Because every month, we'll be jamming with Shammy Dee to honor our wins & own our progress to keep our momentum high and gather in community! 


Inside Flow, you'll be getting access to a WEALTH of business tools & wisdom, including The Money Map - a holistic profit planning I've developed that's helped hundreds step into more money mastery! 

Every quarter, we'll be leveraging The Money Map to do profit planning together - mapping out your next 90 days & clarifying what comes next in your business that gets you closer to your dreams!   And we'll do these on a Friday so we can celebrate our work with the help of Shammy Dee ;)

quarterly virtual retreats

Everything inside this program is built on my body of work as a business strategist & money coach for coaches, creatives, and consultants who want a relationship with money that feels soul level good! 

You'll have access to Profit First® wisdom (I'm certified) to help you define healthy margins & take radical charge of your cash flow, but you'll also be working with a former psychotherapist to help you shift your money stories as well as be part of a space where money gets to be one of the most powerful, beautiful, & transformative things!

Case in point, you'll have support around The 2% Pledge, a social initiative I've developed to bake a charitable give-back into your business.  Your business, your mindset, YOUR money is about to feel soooo friggin' good!

money mastery expertise

Making feel good money is amazing!  Knowing how to steward it to fund your dreams - even better!  Learning how to INVEST it to create even more financial stability & freedom - ohhh yes, we're taking it up a notch!  

Quantum Flow is the ONLY container I know that brings together Business Strategy, Leadership Development, Philanthropic Giving & Financial Education all into one potent, magical space!

You'll be learning from a financial advisor every single month who'll be bringing financial education front & center to more powerfully leverage the thousands that you earn!  

Major, right?!  I know!!

financial education

The Pricing Model

Flow follows an equitable pricing model, which means instead of minimizing access - we PRIORITIZE it!  Feel like a fresh approach? It is!

if you're under $100k/yr

You receive EVERYTHING above!

1 Full payment of


Or 12 monthly payments of $750

if you're over

You receive EVERYTHING above!

Advanced Business Training during our Quarterly Virtual Retreats (hand selected for your stage of business growth)

Live Launch Love Support where you'll have me on Voxer during your launch weeks to help you hold the space & reach your goals!

1 FULL payment of


OR 12 monthly payments of $1,000

Actively Contributing to an Equitable Pricing Model knowing you're paying it forward for those coming behind you

Over $150K & Want 1:1 support?

apply here

Ohhh, it's luxe!

Flow Has An Intimate High-Level  Mastermind!

You receive everything above!

Two Small Group Hot Seat Coaching Calls with Me & Your Peers Every Month 

We'll gather our small group of 8 integrity-driven & equity-focused entrepreneurs to mastermind every other week on the unique challenges businesses face as they sustainably scale 

One 1:1 Call with Me Every Month for expert custom strategy on your business plus mindset support as you step into your next level of growth

Four Virtual Quarterly Retreats with:

Jessica Rodriguez, your connection-driven lead gen expert to perfect your top of marketing strategy & automation to call in soul-aligned clients on repeat

Susan Sarit, your Director of Ops for all things team, systems, company culture, & operations for a business that feels as good behind the scenes as it does serving your people

An Expert of Choice.  Every quarter, we'll be bringing in an expert chosen by the Mastermind for even more expertise pouring into this space. 

A Healer of Choice.  Every quarter we'll be bringing in a different practitioner to pour into your energy to reset & restore and support your ongoing expansion! 

Free Ticket & Accommodations to Feel Good Money Live

April 26th & 27th, you'll join me in Austin, TX for a powerful 2-Day Conference as we gather in person with like-minded entrepreneurs & power-house speakers for an event you'll never forget!  

You'll stay in the heart of downtown Austin near gorgeous parks & trails, amazing restaurants & coffee shops, and join me for a VIP dinner with all our speakers April 25th! 

1 full payment of $20K

Or 12 monthly payments of $1675


You Have Questions.

I have answers!

I'm a woman of color who is hesitant investing with a white woman.  What can I expect being in this space?

I think it's important to note a lot of White Woman are attracted to my work so you can likely expect a lot of White Women in this space.  But the piece I think is very important is I attract White Women who are called to my work because of my explicit inclusive, equitable stance. 

I cannot promise you there will be no harm done in this container.  I don't think any person can.  But what I can promise is People of Color will be prioritized in this space and I take on the full responsibility for leading the White Women present for what this looks like in action.   

Our first call inside FLOW is all around our values, culture, and what we're co-creating inside.  There will be guidelines for how to show up in this space to create a brave space & safe space for People of Color.  

I'm not new to anti-racism work and it is an intentional lens in which I view the world through,  but even with that - I cannot promise I'll never fuck up.  What I can promise is I am 100% here to own a misstep and use it as a learning opportunity for the other White Women in this space. 

Prioritizing your safety & belonging is very important to me.  And I will do everything in my power to enforce & uphold this commitment.

If you have additional questions or want to connect 1:1, please reach out directly so we can make sure you have all the clarity you need to make this commitment confidently. 

when do our calls start?

The Spring Schedule will be updated here as we get closer to doors reopening!  Check back often for updates!

do we have any breaks throughout the year?

Yes!  We take Winter Break Dec 18th - Jan 3rd.

what happens after i join?

You'll get an immediate confirmation email welcoming you into Flow with immediate access to The Money Map to get this powerful tool set up inside your business. 

what happens if i cross over into the next tier on the pricing model?  Do I pay more?

Yes!  It's my every intention that you'll make more money in this space.  In fact, it's inevitable.  When you cross into the next tier, I want to see your revenue maintain that level of growth for at least 3 months before you step up a level.   This is because with every revenue leap, our businesses typically need at least 90 days to catch up to that growth where it's sustainable & maintainable.  

Have 90 days of $100k/year revenue ($8300-ish/months)?  Step up a tier and receive access to advanced business trainings as well as my launch support! 

If I'm over $150k/yr in revenue, do I have to join the higher level mastermind?

No! You're more than welcome to join at the Over $100k/yr tier for the community!  The higher level mastermind is for those who crave a more intimate space and support, which is why it's capped to only 8 people! 

how are you ensuring people are joining at the correct tier?  do i need to provide proof of revenue?

No! I only attract clients who operate at a HIGH LEVEL of integrity.  If that isn't a core value or yours, don't join us!  A LOT of thought has gone into creating this equitable pricing model.  I've never seen it done like this and I'm leaning on you to help this be a success. 

You know your revenue.  That's enough for me, which is why I don't require verifying your tier.  You joining at the appropriate level is what makes this a success for everyone!

how did you decide on price points for this?

In my methodology of Profit First, I recommend we invest 10-15% of our revenue in getting the support we need to grow.  

For those who are OVER $100k/year, that means the investment for Flow is less than 12%, which prioritizes your cash keeping more in your business.  That percent becomes even lower the more you earn!  🙌🏼 And you WILL earn more in this space!!

For those who are UNDER $100k/year, I wanted to ensure you had access to high-level strategy to help you cross that milestone faster while also building a sustainable business from the start.  What I can promise is you won't find this level of training or support in the market at this price!  And that goes for the OVER $100k tier & the High-Level Mastermind too!

how is the quantum flow framework helpful for all these different stages of business growth?

This framework has helped people reach their first six-figures, their first multiple, and map their way out to their first sustainable million!  

The reason my approach is so flexible is because when it comes to sustainability, the work is always the same - how do we make the money we want to make while leveraging our time, values, & energy? 

This model helps you build in scalability from the start, which is why it works across all different revenue levels to help you create quantum growth while staying grounded in alignment & ease!

what's the refund policy?  What happens if something changes throughout the year and i'm no longer able to maintain participation?

I know a lot can change in a year!  I've always been big on creating fair commitments in my programs.  I want it to be both of our intentions that you'll complete the ENTIRE YEAR, but if something unforeseen were to change - you will be held responsible for half of your total investment (or 6 monthly payments) congruent with the tier in which you join.

Should you cancel after being in FLOW for over 6 months, please note a refund cannot be granted for months already delivered due to the nature of the program and live support.  Every cancellation request must be delivered in writing with a 15-day notice.  

It's important to note the nature of this equitable pricing model has many moving parts.  For it to work, there is a minimum financial commitment even if your time or energetic resources shift after signing up.   We're creating an accessibility initiative in this space, which I can't create alone.  

As you feel into this commitment, consider your time.  Consider your energy.  Consider your financial resources. 

FLOW is a 12 month commitment for a reason because this work is deep, it's robust, and we pour so much intention into creating sustainable systems, structures, and strategies that create aligned business growth!  

For more details, please see the Terms & Conditions listed in the footer below as well as during checkout. 

how long do i maintain access to the program content & materials?

Access to Flow content is only available for the duration of the program - so a full 12 months from your cohort's start date - with the exception of The Money Map & its associated Cash Flow Modules.

Your investment offers lifetime access to this holistic, business-shifting profit planning tool as well as any lifetime updates.

am i able to work with the experts in a deeper way?

Absolutely!  There is even a section inside our program content that will list all the ways you can work with them in a deeper capacity.  Each of our experts have been hand-selected because they're amazing at what they do!  If you resonate with their approach and want additional support, hire them!  This container is ALL about creating WIN-WIN-WINs!

I get that there are some brilliant experts in here, but how much support do we actually receive from YOU?

In addition to being very active in our FB group, I'll also be leading a monthly call where you can book in actual time with me to get personal feedback on what you're working on.   These spots will be limited to TEN 10-minute spots per call and will be first come/first served.  

Booking will open up a week prior to our FLOW call each month. 

You'll have a feedback form you fill out that will ask for some clarity on your end so I can jump right in.

You're always more than welcome to post in the group between calls if you have specific questions about the content as you go through it. I'm here to help you WIN and it's important to me that everyone has connection time with me inside FLOW outside of the pre-recorded content. 

Lastly, I'll also be leading our Quarterly Virtual Retreats, which will be a 90-minute call to dial in your quarterly sales strategy.   

If you're at the Over $100k/Tier, you'll also be getting launch love support which is Voxer access to me during your launch  week!

And the High-Level Mastermind meets with me three times a month plus Voxer access throughout the duration of our time together!

A Note From Me To You

If it feels like a lot of intention has gone into this program, GOOD! That's because it has!   I deeply believe in creating offers that bring your full magic & values to the world and this offer holds mine.  

I am so excited to hold this space and for all the growth inside!

Simply by joining, you'll grow in ways you've never imagined. 

In your leadership
In your money
In your impact &
In your work

If you're here to build good business that feels good & does good with money that shifts the world (including yours), I'd love to welcome you into Flow!

I promise you growth, transformation, & returns on your investment for years & years to come!

Come join us!!


Ready to Step into Flow?!

under $100k/yr
1 full Payment of


12 Monthly payments of: $750

over $100k/yr
1 full payment of


12 monthly payments of: $1,000

Interested in the
high-level mastermind?

apply here

Ohhh, it's luxe!

1 FULL Payment of $20K
12 monthly payments of $1675

a few spots remain.
email me for availability.