You don't have ALL DAY to get the clarity you need.

Fast money is
feel good money

let's map out the quickest way to clearer, more easeful CASH

With a 1:1 Profit Intensive

 A custom blend of strategy & CEO mindset to make more, KEEP MORE, do less, and feel clearer, calmer, & downright masterful when it comes to raking in the cash!

Does this sound familiar?

You're clear on who you work with & how you help.  But you're likely not as clear on how you want to deliver your work (or price it) that makes the most sense - especially when it comes to profitability & sustainability. 

You appreciate the 1:1 container, but aren't necessarily looking for a long term commitment.  You want a quick fix that will serve you for months to come.  And you value efficiency.  You got sh*t to do!

You want to get a grip on your cash flow & how you manage it.

PLUS, you're likely pretty serious about funding some personal dreams.  Like: 

saving up for that down-payment



And it's probably safe to say...

You want to be working less (or at least have lighter seasons)

It's not just how much you make, but how much you KEEP!

You're ready to have a profit plan that's simple to execute & ensures you'll see money stacking up at the bank!

You want expert eyes on your business for more sustainability, spaciousness, & ease


One quarter after my intensive, I'm on track to gross multiple six-figures for the first time ever! But even better, I have zero doubt about how to earn more & work less!

Dusti Arab
- the reinvention co.

Simply put, these pay for themselves.  Money was flowing so much easier just halfway through & I'm still reveling in how much we accomplished in such a short time!

Leslie tagorda
- new moon creative

Megan is some serious money magic! The way she supports you on a soul level & infuses aligned strategy is just SO GOOD!

steph gaudreau
- listen to your body

How does an intensive work?

I'm  so  glad  you  asked!

Profit intensives are offered in one of two ways

More-Profit-in-a Day Intensive where in the course of 5 hours, we'll dive into all things money -your financial dreams, numbers, margins, price points, offers, & your BIG vision plus a 90-day strategy to bring a more aligned (and profitable) business to life with MORE SUSTAINABILITY & EASE. 

You'll leave with a laser clear roadmap to start implementing immediately for more Feel Good Money in your bank account. And we'll have spacious breaks (including lunch) in between ;)

More-Profit-Over-The-Course of 4-8 weeks.  Instead of doing a deep dive in a day, we'll spread out our work over the course of 4 calls that you can either schedule weekly or every other week.  This option offers more time & space to reflect and integrate on the business shifts we're making and is ideal for you if you like to sit with things, let ideas marinate, and also have the opportunity for more mindset work as we prepare your business for quantum leaps!

We'll follow up all this money magic with a 60-minute call 30 days later

The Q's & A's:

how much is the investment?

$4750 (2-part payment plans available)

what happens after i book?

You'll get immediate access to The Money Map + your next steps to get your intensive booked on my calendar.

do I have to set up profit first in my business?

No.  Profit First isn't required although I will use it to calculate healthy margins for your business so we know we're using sustainable price points as we refine your business model.

what if i already have profit first set up in my business?

Awesome!  We'll use that Profit First focused time for additional strategy.  These intensives are HIGHLY flexible and I tailor them to you!

What's my roi?

I love this question!  Not only will you be getting access to The Money Map - the same profit planning tool I use in my business and with all my high-level clients, but you'll also get access to additional planning tools for maximizing your time & ensuring your business doesn't take over your life!  Not to mention, my Profit Intensive clients go on to make more money with more ease with the mindset shifts that serve them for months & years to come!

More q's?

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Ready to book your intensive?

I can't wait to get started making some major money moves in your business!