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Your Wealth Is In Your Wisdom


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Yes, I Want To Map My Method!

Your Wealth Is In Your Wisdom



4 Week Intensive
Feb 21st-March 13th
Wednesdays, 2-3pm CST

Map Your

is for Coaches, Therapists,  Consultants, & Healers

  • Who are ready to go from 1:1 to 1:Many, but don't know how to translate their custom, intuitive process into a sequential one that can help more people!
  • Who are already supporting clients 1:Many, but still don't have their signature process clarified for the key results they help their clients achieve. 
(This leads to lack of clarity on messaging & positioning, aligned audience building, and having the language for the MOVEMENT you're here to lead!)
  • And for those deeply gifted practitioners who have a multitude of gifts, training, & expertise but struggle connecting all the dots!

Ready to tap into next level clarity for how you see your work, let alone describe it?

"The Missing Piece"

I’ve taken more than my fair share of courses teaching me about online business. Megan’s process of leading me through finding my secret sauce, or mapping my method, HELPED THE MOST! 

She had a very distinct process that helped me see how my education, experiences, failures, and triumphs were all connected to my signature process and the unique wisdom that I hold. Being able to see my process & name it was like finding a missing piece for my programs & marketing.  

I love how she teaches and her calm energy helps my nervous system stay regulated so I can create from an expansive place. Highly recommend working with her.

Beth Powers

Creator of reels for profit

"Expansive Structure & Integration"

When I first came to Megan, I had no idea how to create a structured process for the wild, untamed nature of grief; nor how to organize all my wisdom into a cohesive approach that felt expansive vs. limiting. 

Creating my method was such an affirming process for being able to see my wisdom take shape and order, to see language and words I've used to describe my work for years take their place in my core pillars & teachings, and being able to deeply clarify the process that holds my work even though there's so much space to move inside it, around it, & with it as grief takes us on a journey all it's own! 

Now, I have language that conveys the deeper invitation I'm here to give, the systemic changes I want to see with how our culture approaches grief, a way to integrate my multitudes (OMG, the integration!), and a way to finally serve more people beyond my private practice.  I adore you, Megan, and the way you see my work, the way you champion for it, and the way you see me & my expertise.  You so get it!  

If you're a therapist or healer of any kind - working with someone who KNOWS inner transformational work is key.  I cannot recommend Megan and her approach enough!

Hayley Yarish


Tell me...

Are You Ready To...

Clearly articulate what you do and more importantly HOW you uniquely do it?

Have clarity on what makes YOUR approach so unique and worth every pretty penny?

Raise your rates confidently AND receive them because a method elevates your work, your approach, your process, your expertise!

And have your process documented that acts like your North Star for your offers, your content, your opt-ins, your philosophy and is basically "the missing piece" for pretty much everything?

And I don’t say that lightly! (Especially if you’re here to grow a multiple 6-figure business!)

If That’s You, Then It’s Time To Map Your Method & Amplify The Unique Wisdom That You Hold.

And it’s definitely time to see how every single training you’ve ever taken AND every letter behind your name is part of something WAY BIGGER! That’s breathtaking, BRILLIANT, & revolutionary!

Because there’s never been a YOU before who sees things the way you do, who approaches things like you do.

And when you map it out, you not only unlock profound clarity for your brand, your business, & your entire body of work - 

But you also unlock more sales, more momentum, & a more magnetic message that inspires more people to work WITH YOU!! (**Even when others have a similar skill-set, similar values, and even a similar niche)!

Umm, Yes Please!!



4 Week Intensive
Feb 21st-March 13th
Wednesdays, 2-3pm CST

Hi, big-hearted visionary! 

I see you!

Looking at all the six & seven-figure business owners wondering how they’ve created the offers they’re known for that create such powerful results for their people (and bank for them) over and over again.  

Have you ever wondered if they were following a hidden process to help them create such a streamlined, cohesive business that results in testimonial after testimonial for the transformation their work provides?  


Well, THEY ARE. 
Their own.  

And it’s time to follow suit by Mapping Your Method that:


Serves as the foundation for your entire body of work & cohesive offer suite.


Fortifies your unique approach & helps YOU stand out in a crowded sea.


Holds your wisdom for your most potent offers, your most raved about opt-ins, and gives you endless content ideas that lead to sales & “OMG, this so resonates” time & time again! 



The truth is..

People bUY results. 
People BUY values (hello, alignment!)
People bUY Process. 

They want to know there’s a tested METHOD operating behind the scenes, which is where Map Your Method comes in! 

Because chances are - you’re exceptionally gifted at dancing with what’s in the room & pulling from your years of experience and deep well of wisdom as you need to.

But when it comes to nailing down that secret sauce that’s underneath every transformation, you can’t quite distill your magic into a succinct explanation because there are so many pieces you pull from to do what you do!

BUT WHAT IF there were a way to give structure, language, process, & order to even the MOST INTUITIVE pieces of your work and gave you the clarity you needed to clearly communicate that SOLID PROCESS that creates such consistent results for your people?!

Every client result reaffirmed the power of your methodology that could be trusted (and purchased) by more people?

And you had a name and language for YOUR process that instantly sparked curiosity & gave people the exact words to share more about what you do??

I mean, 

Could you imagine if...


Map Your Method

YES! I’m Ready to Map My Method

A powerful process for helping you distill your wisdom into a cohesive methodology that strengthens your:

  • Messaging for attracting soulmate clients
  • Positioning for communicating the VALUE your work brings; &
  • Offer creation for building an offer suite SO ALIGNED that one offer can generate six figures all on its own, let alone, multiple 6-figures when you add up your whole suite


4 Week Intensive
Taught Live with Megan
Feb 21st-March 13th
Wednesdays, 2-3pm CST

What Happens When You

Map Your Method?

Mapping My Method was a game-changer for me for starting to see my own value & knowing I wasn't just leaning on other people's teachings.  I was teaching MY OWN!

It gave me a PROPRIETARY PROCESS that I could clearly communicate with my clients for not only WHAT WE WERE GOING TO ACHIEVE, but HOW WE WERE GOING TO GET THERE!  

My method helped me 5x my rates confidently AND my clients INVEST confidently knowing there was a process that'd be guiding us the whole time!

Every METHOD needs to be articulated, whether that's for more TANGIBLE outcomes like more revenue, more clients, more subscribers or more INTANGIBLE outcomes like more confidence, more self-love, more joy. 

When you can clearly articulate the results you help your clients achieve and HOW you're going to achieve them - this is what leads to:

More Sales

More Impact

More Changed Lives

Ready to Help more people, make more money & have a Method for:

  • Creating thought leadership content that converts
  • Introducing yourself confidently that sparks more follow-up and referrals!
  • People speaking YOUR NAME in rooms you've never been because they know what you do, who you help, and your unique approach in the world? 
Then, it's time to...
If you’re UNDER multiple six-figures (as in under $200K/yr), your method is the foundation for:
  • Ensuring every offer you create is part of a bigger picture for the ultimate results you want to help your clients achieve
  • Creating a process that generates consistent results that aren’t by chance, they’re by design
  • Writing your first (or next) book that helps to build your brand
  • Creating a process that others could be certified in (soon or in the future)
  • Giving you a repeatable process that can be turned into curriculum and self-paced offers for a more time-leveraged business model
  • Having a succinct roadmap for what you want to be known for & why people come to YOU
  • And having a wisdom model that helps you GO BIGGER into the larger impact you’re here to have that can help more people

If you’re OVER multiple six-figures (as in over $200K/yr), your method is foundational for: 

  • Continuing to build out your intellectual property for a body of work that’s here to last
  • Training your team on your unique method so they can support you in serving more people
  • Connecting the dots between your current body of work and the work you’re ready to create next
  • Building the foundation that can take you to 7-figures by solidifying your signature offer suite
  • Creating your roadmap to lasting legacy
But it gets even better!
But it gets even better!

Ready to see exactly what’s inside?

Map Your Method LIVE Includes:

Map Your 

Method LIVE Includes:

On-Demand Videos

For distilling your wisdom into custom methodology that holds the depth & breadth of your brilliance


For creating a visual representation of your method that clearly communicates your unique process

Mindset Shifts

For helping you trust that special magic that only you bring & the larger impact you’re here to make!

And Four (4) Live Calls

Wednesdays, 2-3pm CST

Creating Your Signature Method

Method Feedback & Coaching

Method Feedback & Coaching

Turning Your Method Into Momentum

Feb 21st

Feb 28th

Mar 6th

Mar 13th

YES! Help Me Map My Method!

Let’s bring Yours to the surface!

people PAY FOR results. 
People PAY FOR values. 
People PAY FOR Process.


Map Your Method

How to Turn Your Method Into More Revenue & More Impact

The wealth that’s in your wisdom starts showing up at the bank when you know how to expertly leverage it. In this bonus training, I'm guiding you through 3 key ways to start amplifying your wisdom in the world by:
  • Creating Wisdom-Based Content that Establishes Your Thought Leadership
  • Translating Your Methodology into a Sales Story Masterclass that Helps You Book Clients
  • Building Out Your Signature Offer Suite That Holds Your Method & Body of Work 


Turning Your Method Into Momentum


How to Distill Your Wisdom into a Cohesive Methodology

Now that we have a solid foundation, it’s time to create your Wisdom Model - a visual representation of your custom methodology that helps your clients achieve consistent results. Your Wisdom Model provides a roadmap of your entire process that communicates what you do and, more importantly, how you do it.


Creating Your Wisdom Model That Holds Your Method


How to Niche Down Into Your Core Invitation

If you’ve ever struggled to clarify the results you most want to help your clients achieve (because let’s be honest - you’re brilliant and help your clients get all kinds of results), then you likely know how hard it is to become well known if you haven’t yet clarified the results you most want to help your people achieve. Here, I’ll help you clarify the ultimate transformation you want to provide your people and how this ONE PIECE will help dial in your messaging & marketing for building an audience of soulmate clients!


Clarifying The Heart of Your Work


How to Clarify The Key Problems Your Work Solves

Before we start clarifying your methodology, we first have to clarify your lens from your lane. Your lane clarifies the key problems you want your body of work to help solve. Your lens clarifies how you uniquely approach those problems. Together, your lens & lane help set you apart in the market, attract perfect fit soulmate clients, and help inform which pieces of your wisdom need to take the biggest seats in your methodology.  


Clarifying Your Lens vs. Your Lane


How to See the Value Your Wisdom Brings

One of the biggest mistakes Helpers & Healers make is undercharging for their work because they write off their expertise as "no big deal" or see it as similar to other people doing similar work in a similar niche.  BUT, if you're here to charge more & receive it as well as DEEPLY TRUST the unique magic that you bring, that's going to come from combining both your knowledge + your knowing that NO OTHER SOUL on this planet brings! 


Seeing Your Unique Market Value


How to Audit The Depth & Breadth of Your Brilliance

To map your method, we first have to pull forward all the wisdom that needs to have a place in your methodology. Here, we’ll do a deep dive into every ounce of wisdom you hold and organize it into one of four distinct categories. Our goal? Start to connect the dots between the unique wisdom that you hold for creating your signature method that's worth its weight in GOLD! 


Conducting a Wisdom Audit


Here’s The Method to Mapping Yours:


I'm Megan

Business strategist & money mentor who helps brilliant coaches, consultants, therapists, and healers like you distill their wisdom into their most potent offers and build offer suites so aligned, your offers start to sell themselves.  

A sustainable multi-6 figure business doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be intentionally designed with a clear methodology that ensures your business flows together seamlessly behind the scenes. If you’ve ever wondered how other successful entrepreneurs are building such cohesive brands where they become well known for what they do, it’s because they have a methodology operating in the background that informs every offer, every talking point, every podcast topic, and even every social media post that intentionally layers in their unique approach and expertise.  

Inside Map Your Method, I’m going to walk you through the first step I take with each of my clients to help them see all the wisdom they bring to the table & surface your signature process (even if it seems you’re not following one right now because you’re so intuitively gifted at dancing with whatever’s in the room 😉). 

Seeing your methodology for the first time is like seeing the culmination of all your training, experience, passion, and inner wisdom integrated together for the first time. If you want a business that creates momentum, you need a business that’s operating on cohesion. 

Let’s Map Your Method to give you process and language for how you do what you do, which leads to more sales, more growth, & more impact that’s a WIN for you, a WIN for your business, and most certainly a WIN for your people! 

YES! I Want To 

map my method!

You. So. Got. This!

I know how complex it can feel to distill your intuitive process into something that's concrete & sequential. Especially when your process doesn't feel linear (it's circular!) AND when it feels like you pull from so many different modalities, wells of wisdom, trainings and certifications. Not to mention - your invaluable life experience. 

But - I can promise you there’s a linear method to your magic that's providing infrastructure to your process behind the scenes 😉 And when you can name it, give it language, and give it sequence - so many other powerful pieces start to fall into place inside your business. It helps…
  • Clarify your dream client & who you’re most here to serve.  
  • Clarify your offers and how they fit into a larger whole.  
  • Clarify your message and what it is you truly do.  
  • And it most definitely helps you clarify your unique market value that helps you STAND OUT in a crowded sea
Because I can guarantee you NO ONE does exactly what you do, exactly HOW you do it!  

So, let’s Map Your Method so you can see the value & power of your wisdom. Let’s set in motion your next level that creates COHESION where things feel messy, CLARITY where things feel foggy, and CONFIDENCE where things feel scattered & unsure. Your Method holds the anchor point you’ve been looking for! 

Yes!I Want To

map my method!


I’ve tried mapping out my methodology before. What makes your approach different/unique?

Great question! And the answer is in my own method. I’ve had so many Helpers & Healers come through this course who have shared this was the missing piece that finally helped them see where every ounce of their wisdom has a space to belong.  

Not to mention, because of my background as a psychotherapist, I intimately understand inner work and giving language & structure to the very non-linear process so many helpers & healers guide their clients through!

The reason most other methodology trainings fail is because they don’t take an integrative approach. Instead, they encourage you to cram yourself into a small little box where you feel like you have to abandon really important pieces of who you are. My approach is the exact opposite.  

Your wisdom is like a 10,000 page book. Not a small little paragraph. That’s why an expansive approach is so important for creating a methodology that literally feels like a love letter to the world from your soul!!

Got Questions?

I   got answers

How much time do I need to budget for this live program?

We'll be meeting for FOUR Wednesdays in a row from 2-3pm CST.  Outside of our live meeting times, I'd budget an extra hour/week to sit with our curriculum.  

I pride myself on creating intuitive-based content meaning a lot of the actual "work" is spent going about your daily life while you dwell on certain concepts in between.  You will need to have some sit-down/desk work though to map your actual method for which I'd budget that hour/week I mentioned above ;) 

Got Questions?

I   got answers

When does Map Your Method start?

Map Your Method Live starts on Wednesday, February 21st from 2-3pm cst.

Feb 21st: Creating Your Signature Method
Feb 28th: Method Feedback & Coaching
Mar 6th: Method Feedback & Coaching
Mar 13th: Turning Your Method into Momentum

Got Questions?

I   got answers

Does this include hands-on support?

YES!  Not only will I be teaching all our curriculum live to help you Map Your Method on our first call, but we'll also have two calls solely focused on me providing my expert feedback on YOUR Signature Method & coaching you to more clarity! 

We'll wrap up our time together with how to turn your method into marketing & sales momentum for creating your thought leadership content, creating a sales story masterclass, and building your first (or next) signature offer

Got Questions?

I   got answers


  • You receive Immediate Access to all of the self-paced curriculum when you join. 

  • You'll also receive access to all of our call recordings that will posted within 24 hours via both video and private podcast feed format. 

You'll maintain lifetime access to both mentioned above.  Lifetime access is defined by the "lifetime of the product".  

It's important to note that other helpers and healers in the business space ask me quite often if they can borrow these core teachings to support their clients because of my holistic approach. 

**Even though you'll have lifetime access to this content, you may not reuse, repurpose, resell, or reteach this content without my written consent.  This will be strictly enforced to uphold the fidelity of my own intellectual property (which is simply good practice), but also because a coaching certification is coming soon ;) 

Got Questions?

I   got answers

Ready to Map Your Method?

Your brilliance can help so many more people when you can clearly communicate your unique process and how you do what you do! Let’s take your clarity & confidence to the next level by mapping your signature method!

Yes!I  Want  To 

Distill your wisdom into your signature method for messaging that attracts soulmate clients, positioning that communicates your VALUE (hello, pay raise!), & a multiple six-figure offer suite that holds your brilliance and makes BIG DEPOSITS all the way to the bank 💸

map my method!

We start February 21st for 4 powerful weeks of my live support!

A Note From Me To You

Let's Map Your Method that connects so many dots for your brilliance, knowledge, and wisdom!

Map Your Method is here to help you clarify your signature process so you can exquisitely talk about what you do & build a cohesive, sustainable business!  

Not only do you get immediate access to the course and all the content, but you’re also saying goodbye to overwhelm and lack of clarity because you’ll have a powerful anchor point that gives you confidence & helps you set yourself apart in the market.

Get Started Today!

map my method!

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