Money can feel exactly how you want it to feel. 

Grounded & Expansive

Healing & Fun

Anchored & Limitless

Spiritual & Self-Supportive

Powerful & Incredibly Generous 

But, only when you're: 

  • Grounded in your own money story
  • Intentional with your own relationship 
  • Empowered in your own mindset  
  • And fiercly committed to showing up for money [with love] with the same tenacity you've been craving it would show up for you! 




That means shifting what you've been taught to believe, intentionally creating a new relationship that is built on the foundations of healthy, reciprocal love, and actually DOING things differently with how you treat money, interact with it, pursue it, feel about it, manage it, partner with it... ALL. THE. THINGS. 

And, friend, it just so happens I'm a former psychotherapist with an extensive expertise in ALL THE THINGS that go into creating healthy, thriving LOVE & I'm bringing everything you need to set yourself free! 


  • Feeling anxious about money & obsessing over it
  • Doubting if you'll ever earn what you really want to make  
  • Feeling as though money loves everyone else but you
  • Believing money only comes from hard work
  • Feeling perpetually disappointed & frustrated that you keep falling short of your earning potential
  • Blaming money when it doesn't show up for you how you want it to
  • Fear from charging your dream rates & pursuing your next level of earning because let's be real... you know you've been MORE THAN READY to level UP!  

Hi, I'm Megan Hale - Leadership Coach & Integrity Expert who helps smart women like YOU create a powerful relationship with money so you can...

Stop undercharging, underearning, & overworking and start creating the kind of money love that lets you thrive!

Wild & Holy Money Love is a four-week course that helps you ground down into a healthy, loving relationship with money where it shows up for you in abundance and becomes the BIGGEST supporter of your wildest dreams!

You ready? 

Wild & Holy Money Love Begins Monday, June 24th. 

You're Personally Invited!

Join me for:

>>> A LIVE four-week course that includes 20 unique and powerful assignments ($2000 Value) that dive into: 

  • Your Money Love Languages
  • Your Transgenerational Money Stories
  • Your Spiritual Blocks to Pursuing More Money
  • Your Interpersonal Relationship Dynamics with Money
  • Your Limiting Beliefs Associated with Money
  • Your Daily Practices that Support Money  
  • Your Personal Tools for Making More Money PLUS
  • Your Personal Healing Strategy to More Deeply Love Money & Most Importantly >>> Let Money More Deeply Love You!

>>> FOUR LIVE hot seat coaching calls each Wednesday at 12:30 CST ($2400 Value) *All will be recorded!

>>> Open office hours every Friday at 10:00 CST for feedback on your assignments to shift into More Money Love and overcome every sneaky little thing that stands in your way! 

>>> A completely transformed relationship with money that catapults you into more earning (Priceless)




Creating your own loving relationship with money is LIFE-CHANGING, but being on the same page about money with your partner.... it takes Money Love to a whole new level. That's why I'm bringing this powerful training to help you and your partner set clear goals about your financial future, have a deeper understanding of how you both relate to money, and provide a framework for talking about money that leads to deeper intimacy. 

As someone who cares about money, you're invested in creating a financial future that's intentional. In this training, I'm creating a simple process for not just clarifying your financial dreams, but also bringing your partner on board so you have the TOTAL PICTURE. 

I'll give you exercises to do together and exercises to do apart, discussion Q's to clarify your financial priorities, and even how to bridge the gap when you want to prioritize different things. 

Money isn't always the easiest topic to talk about in relationships. In fact, it's one of the top 3 reasons for divorce (infidelity & communication issues are the top 2), but when it's something that can be talked about openly, freely, and grounded in love - money can be something that brings you closer together & grounds you in a common vision while still supporting each others' dreams. Money can be such a loving force in your business, but also in your relationship too. That's why when you enroll in Wild & Holy Money Love, I'm giving you access to this bonus that's worth its weight in 💰💰💰

Total Value: $4650


What makes this course different than other money courses out there? 

My approach to money is understanding the unique relationship you have with it, dismantling the toxic dynamics that have been built & rebuilding healthy dynamics in their place. We'll be applying 7+ years of academic research on creating thriving, soul-affirming relationships to how you relate to money. 

Because I approach money from a relational perspective, the things you learn in this course won't only help you create a healthy, loving relationship with money, but they'll likely also help you improve every other relationship in your life. We'll be talking in depth about the pillars of healthy love with money - how to build it, how to maintain it (THIS ONE IS SO IMPORTANT) and how to be intentional with embodying new levels of cash so you can play with MORE money with ease!

If you're looking for an instructor who brings depth, wisdom, powerful time-tested tools, has worked with hundreds of people to create healthy love, and has personally applied these same principles to healing money relationships - I'm your girl and Wild & Holy Money Love is the course for you! 

Why aren't there testimonials for the course? 

This is the first time I'm offering it. I cannot wait to add your words of praise once we complete it together. But, if feedback from my Money Series on the podcast is any indication - I think we're off to a great start! 

"Listening to Megan's podcast is like sitting in on a 1:1 session where you feel like she is speaking directly to you. 

Ep. 28 was honestly NEXT LEVEL analysis & reflection on money that leaves me asking, "How on earth is this free content?" Couldn't ask for more from a podcast & transformational leader in the business/self-help space!" ~ Chrissy Papetti |

"THIS. Megan. [The 5 Love Languages of Money] This is GOLD. SO much potential here. This is a book and a program and a live class... SO good!" ~ Brit Kolo |  

"Listening to Megan brings so much clarity, hope, and fresh perspective! She has so much insight, integrity, and intuition that you can’t help but be drawn to her. After attending the Bizdom retreat she did with Steph Crowder, I knew she was one to follow. 

I've done her free Grounded Goals Masterclass and have been loving her money series on the podcast. It’s been helping SO much! I've already been stepping into more earning! I am PUMPED for the Wild & Holy Money course!! Thank you, Megan, for speaking your truth and always serving others with your wisdom and magic. Attending one of your Wild & Holy Weekend Retreats is next on my bucket list!!" ~ Kim Ludeman |  

Is there a refund?  

There's a 14-day refund policy. After that, you're in it to win it. Although, you will lose access to all course materials and bonuses. If bonuses are redeemed, refunds are not available. To be eligible, refunds must be requested no later than July 8th.  

Are there guarantees I'll make more money?  

Wouldn't that be rad? If you want to make more money, you have to do the work and because your level of commitment is out of my control, I can't guarantee that you'll make more money as a result of taking the course. BUT - What I can guarantee is that I'll provide you with every single tool you could possibly need to step into more earning. The "stepping part", though... that's up to you ;)  

More Q's?  

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