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There are 9 million ways to set goals these days. 

S.M.A.R.T. anyone? 

The Desire Map.  Who doesn’t love goals with soul?

But most are either too practical or too soulful when in reality the most potent system is one that integrates both:  

  • That clarifies why you want what you want (the soul behind the goal
  • And how to get what you want (strategy that’s soul-centered; the foundation for alignment & ease)

When it comes to money, it's crucial your goals are real numbers based on your actual dreams. Otherwise, how do you know if you're even pursuing the right thing?  Not to mention, there's a lot of misconception out there of how much is truly enough. For instance...

Will 6-figures really be enough to support you, your business, AND all your future dreams?

Not to mention, there's WAY more talk about how much money you should be making vs. what you should actually be doing with your money to get where you want to go!

I mean... that's kind of an important part of the conversation, don't you think?

👉🏼 You're a coach, creative, helper, or healer who's running an online service-based business. You sell (or dream of selling) done-for-you services, 1:1 work, courses, programs, retreats, trainings, workshops, memberships, certifications, and/or masterminds.

Likely, a combination of any OR all of the above.

Right about now, 

  • You’re tired of waiting for money to feel easier even after learning all the things
  • You’re tired of money mindset work not translating to the FULL results you want to see
  • You’re ready for your cash flow to feel on point & intentional vs a hot mess behind the scenes

You're ready to...

  • Have radical clarity for how to reach your dreams with ease
  • Have cash stacking up at the bank & finally getting ahead in your business VS. living month to month
  • Have money feel simple, FUN, & mastered like a boss (a.k.a. a badass, "I've got it handled", confident CEO)

Because you know success is more than just the inner work.

You need a simple system to master your money that propels you into your dreams.
(Ahem... that 5 year vision? It's way closer than you think!)

the truth is…

  • Money can be liberating AF while also being grounded in ease  
  • You have to start keeping more vs. only making more if you're here for sustainable growth
  • The success you want comes down to having a strategy & system in place that ensures your success vs. relying on inspiration & manifesting alone  


6 Seamless Steps for Money Clarity, Money Confidence, & Money Momentum.

Money mapping is an intuitive system to:

  • Clarify why you want what you want (that true money motivation that’s much deeper than cash)
  • Calculate what your dreams actually cost vs. running off guesses & whims
  • Start operating way more sustainably, which is the foundation for ease
  • Start implementing the magic of Profit First®️ so you can intentionally fund your dreams (have I mentioned I’m certified?)

All in 2 hours or less.
Yes, really. 

Because this system has been tested, perfected & expertly distilled to give you the quickest path to success.

All for $497!


The Money Map was designed to help you spend less time crunching numbers and more time running your business as an intentional CEO.  You can expect a streamlined process that gives you exactly what you need to clarify your goals, fine tune your strategy, and start taking aligned action to reach your financial dreams! 

Step-by-Step Strategies

Instead of starting with how much money you want to make, we first start with clarifying the cost of your dreams.  We take the old-school way of setting financial goals & completely reverse the process.  Think goals with soul with actual numbers to support them & knowing exactly how much revenue you truly need! 

Easy to Follow Video Trainings

I’m big on making the Money Map as efficient as it is intuitive.  You’ll have a combo of written instruction & video trainings that will walk you through step-by-step to help you calculate your goals plus how to assess your business for its ability to reach them.  All completable in 2 hours or less.  I’m serious!

Easy-Peasy Spreadsheets (even for the spreadsheet adverse) 

It’s worth noting I’m no spreadsheet pro.  We use spreadsheets to keep everything in one place and use super basic functions anyone can do.  Even if you’ve never used a spreadsheet in your life, I walk you through integrating this tool into your goal setting process while keeping things easy-peasy so you can stay focused on your dreams.  

Tapping into Your True Money Motivators

Money is notoriously complicated.  Not anymore!  I make it easy to understand your highest financial priorities by teaching you the 4 ways we orient toward money & helping you tap into which one to put first!  Together, we’ll create your Money Motivator Hierarchy that serves as the foundation for ranking the importance of each of your financial dreams. 

The Magic of Good/Better/Best Goals 

Where most goal setting methods fall short is they only focus on the finish line without considering all the other steps that need to happen along the way.  What we need is a stair step approach to creating momentum that’s built on a solid foundation.  The beauty of GBB Goals is it clarifies your Minimum Viable Revenue so you know exactly how much money is actually enough so you can then focus on bigger dreams.

If you're tired of money feeling elusive and stressful, GBB Goals will completely transform the way you think about success! Once you've reached your Good Goal, you'll then focus on your Better Goal until you reach your Best. As easy as 1-2-3. You're going to love this!

Profit Stacking for Sustainable Growth

Goals are only goals unless we have a way to reach them. Profit Stacking is easily my most favorite tool for fine tuning your business model to reach your goals as easily & quickly as possible. I'm all about sustainability and building your business mindfully so it always supports your energy. If you're ready for your business to feel the way you want it to feel, I'll break down the key shifts for how to reach your goals that eliminates burnout and is the foundation for making even those 5+ year goals much closer than you think!

Look into the Future like a CEO  

Once we set your goals and know how to structure your business to reach them, we’ll take a high-level view so you can stop living month-to-month.  Most entrepreneurs need a much more flexible revenue strategy that goes far beyond hitting the same numbers week after week. 

With profit projections, you’ll be able to map out your launches, evergreen sales, & other cash infusions you anticipate throughout the year.  Not only will you have massive relief with revenue fluctuations, but you’ll also have laser clarity on how you’ve structured your business to pay you depending on the month.  

A Life-Changing Introduction to Profit First 

I’ve been using Profit First in my business since October of 2018.  It’s had such a profound effect on my financial growth & business mastery, I decided to become fully certified to teach others how to step into profitability and take charge of their money like a CEO. 

If you’ve ever wondered how much you really need to be earning, setting aside for taxes, and investing in what your business needs - this system offers you radical clarity on healthy margins plus I've included a yearly allocation worksheet for precision on your numbers and managing your cash flow like a boss! I'll show you exactly how I've integrated this system into GBB Goals. Your life will not be the same!

3 Months Access to the Money Map Community

Money moves happen in community where purpose-driven & profit-focused entrepreneurs cheer each other on to grow their bottom line. When you purchase the Money Map, you not only get LIFETIME access to the self-paced course & spreadsheets, but also THREE wildly supportive months inside the exclusive Money Map community, which includes:

LIVE Q&A & HOT SEAT COACHING CALLS every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month. I'm here to give you deeper insight into your numbers, your margins, & how to make more by doing less. Come get some A’s to your Q's twice a month!

BI- WEEKLY PROFIT FIRST ACCOUNTABILITY. Every two weeks, we’ll make our allocations together as a community to get paid & intentionally fund our dreams!

QUARTERLY CHALLENGES. We’re here to have fun, make money, & make a difference. Each quarter, we’ll have new ways to increase your revenue & your JOY because in my world, we can have both!

Plus so much more to help shift the way money feels in your life & business!

Bonus Training For Structuring Your Business With Ease 

I’ve taught this system for years so I know where people tend to get stuck and the most common reasons that prevent them from reaching their goals with ease.  That’s why I’ve added a bonus training teaching the ins & outs of a sustainable business model. 

If you’re ready to start getting a major financial return from all the energy you keep putting into your business,  I’ll show you how to structure your business wisely that many people say is worth the value of the Money Map alone!

Want a sneak peek at the Money Map? 

Why the Money Map?

The Money Map is one of the most intuitive money systems in existence that was developed by someone who needed a manageable & doable approach to creating sustainable growth & success on her own terms.   

I was tired of continuing to fall short of my goals & always blaming myself when I didn't succeed. What I didn't know was there was SO MUCH more going on in my business that was preventing me from taking off. I knew there had to be a better way of knowing exactly how much I needed to make.

I was hungry for momentum without the burnout, to know exactly what I needed for sustainable growth, what I needed to be setting aside for taxes, & how much I could truly afford to be investing in my business vs. always going into debt. But there was also that last piece, of course, of knowing how much I should really be paying myself.

After going through the Money Map, you’re going to have clarity on ALL OF THOSE pieces, but more than that, you’ll have a fully functional money system effortlessly operating in the background of your business continuously supporting you in reaching all your financial dreams!  

And just a little backstory - I first created the Money Map in late term pregnancy in 2017.  Within a few weeks of setting my first GBB Goals, I went on to bring in a year’s worth of revenue in less than 4 weeks, paid off $30k in debt that following year, and doubled my revenue working half the time while being a mama to two under two going through the most challenging year of my personal life. 

Clarity is everything!  And so is money confidence.  Together, these create money momentum that shifts the entire trajectory of your business!

What other Money Mappers have to say...

"After being an entrepreneur for about 1.5 years, I was feeling desperate for a sense of ownership over my finances, both in my business and personal life. After some missteps with financial investments and mismanagement of funds as a new entrepreneur, I felt defeated about ever getting ahead financially or feeling confident about my offers, pricing, and my business model. Megan's Money Map was honestly a God send and I was blown away with how much value was packed into the process.

My favorite aspect about the system was Megan's refreshing take on how to intentionally create offers that align with my financial priorities. I've never seen anything like it and felt so empowered to take ownership over my finances and business model in a way that FINALLY feels aligned and intuitive, rather than strategic and forced.

Megan, I can't think of a single course I've taken that has provided that level of value for it's price, I'm SO grateful for the work you do. The bonus module was worth the price alone!! I can't believe this isn't where every entrepreneur is told they need to start. My mind is officially blown." ~ Chrissy Papetti

This was made for you if you...

  • Are ready for a business breakthrough that puts you in the driver's seat of pursuing YOUR dreams. 
  • Want money to feel more nourishing, supportive, and grounded in ease. 
  • Want pursuing your goals to feel manageable vs. frenzied, forced, and rushed. 
  • Want real numbers, not estimated numbers, so you know exactly how much you're pursuing AND WHY!
  • Want money to feel fun & exciting vs. heavy, stressful, or burdensome.
  • Want a proven system that gets real results! 
  • And are ready to feel confident, clear, & powerful when it comes to money and how you run your business.

This is not for you if you...

  • Don't value integrity or ethical business practice.
  • Don't believe anything will work to change your financial future.
  • Don't value putting people first.
  • Are more worried about pursuing someone else's version of success vs. defining it on your own terms.
  • Are committed to money being complicated, overwhelming, stressful, and heavy.
  • And want a business breakthrough, but aren't willing to do the work.

What if you could....

  • Stop feeling confused & overwhelmed by your money
  • Stop worrying if you’re actually making enough & instead ensure you're building a profitable business
  • Stop obsessing over the sales you need to make when sales are only one part of the equation

And instead....

  • Start feeling masterful with your money while pursuing success on your own terms
  • Knowing exactly what’s happening with your cash flow at all times
  • Have a way of approaching your money that’s fun, intuitive, and builds on your strengths

"Money mapping is like an amazing chocolate cake - a wonderful luscious, layered experience that gets better with every bite. Each module builds on the next strengthening your money mastery and OMG - Profit Stacking and Profit First have been next level for financial clarity.  Megan, I can't tell you enough how much this system has done for my business & money sanity."
~ Evelyn Pacitti

Are we just now meeting?  

I'm Megan Hale, Profit First Business Strategist, CEO Coach, and Former Psychotherapist who blends the soul & strategy of business to create massive aligned results! 

I'm known for bringing grounded wisdom that lovingly encourages you to step up as a CEO, bring your full magic to the table, and intentionally design your business to successfully fund your dreams. Whether that's: 

  • Becoming debt free
  • Hiring a team
  • Writing a fat check to your charity of choice
  • Or simply creating a sustainable business that can exponentially support you, your family, and all your future dreams

My work focuses on helping you increase your revenue & expand your impact to be in deepest integrity for who you're here to become. 

When I'm not coaching my clients and working in the back-end of their businesses, you can find me spending time with my two little boys (#boymom) & my military hubby traveling in our RV, paddle boarding any chance we get, or exploring national parks from sea to shining sea. 

Over the past 5 years in business, I’ve honed my craft for helping purpose-driven womxn become more profit-focused and build sustainable businesses that honor their energy & hold all the magic that they bring.  

People call me spiritual with spreadsheets.  I just think of it as me doing my thing ;)  There’s nothing better than seeing the impact the Money Map creates for people.  I can’t wait to witness all the possibility it opens up for YOU! 

The Money Map comes highly recommended by....

You've got questions. I've got answers.


I walk you through step-by-step with graphics and video that makes this whole process incredibly easy! 


Every CEO makes time for the things that are important. Generating sustainable revenue is one of the most important pieces for stepping into the business (and impact) of your dreams. If this potent training could change the game of what's possible for your future, I know you'll find MAKE the time ;) CEOs always do! 


The Money Map is an incredibly clear process that's been tested & perfected across hundreds of CEO's. You'll notice I answer the most common questions I've received over the years inside the course, but I also know every business is 100% unique. That's why you also get THREE wildly supportive months inside the exclusive Money Mapping community including:

LIVE Q&A & HOT SEAT COACHING CALLS every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month. I'm here to give you deeper insight into your numbers, your margins, & how to make more by doing less. Come get some A’s to your Q's twice a month!

BI-WEEKLY PROFIT FIRST ACCOUNTABILITY. Every two weeks, we’ll make our allocations together as a collective to get paid & intentionally fund our dreams!

QUARTERLY CHALLENGES. We’re here to have fun, make money, & make a difference. Each quarter, we’ll have new ways to increase your revenue & your JOY because in my world, we can have both!

I'm 100% here to help you WIN with the Money Map. I've seen it completely transform people's businesses & I know the possibility it will open up for you too! The magic, of course, is showing up & doing the work!! I'll bring my business acumen & soulful approach to help you take that next step for #feelgoodgrowth!


When you buy The Intentional CEO'S Guide to Money Mapping, you'll receive an immediate confirmation email with your Money Mapping login info to give you full LIFETIME access to all your materials hosted inside Membervault. Once inside, you'll find:

  • A 18-page Money Mapping Workbook to help you clarify your Money Motivator Hierarchy & a brief introduction to tapping into your Trans-Generational Money Story ($47 Value)
  • A potent 20-minute training to create your own Good/Better/Best Goals  ($197 Value)
  • Access to the Advanced GBB Goals Excel Template including 8 specific worksheets that will become the financial hub inside your business that you'll refer to for years & years to come! ($147 Value)
  • A bonus 10-minute Pre-GBB Goals training for how I started creating traction to earn a year's worth of revenue in under a month! ($47 Value)

An additional 30-minute video training that walks you through three additional potent processes: ($247 Value)

  • Profit Stacking 
  • Profit Projections
  • Profit First
  • 3 Months Access to the exclusive Money Mapping Community led by a Profit First Business Strategist ($2247 Value)
  • PLUS a Bonus Training for Structuring Your Business Sustainably to minimize burnout & maximize ease! ($397 Value)

    TOTAL VALUE: $3329


Like any powerful system, The Money Map is specifically designed to grow with you as you continue to level up in your business. Just like S.M.A.R.T goals & The Desire Map are tools you refer back to again and again in every new season, The Money Map continues to be a process that supports you at every stage of life & business with the added magic of Profit First. Whether you need to scale down or you're ready to level up, The Money Map is flexible to give you the clarity you need on any dream you crave and is a repeatable process you'll refer to again & again while also enjoying lifetime access to the course!


Money Mapping was specifically designed for service based businesses who sell done-for-you services, 1:1 work, courses, programs, retreats, trainings, workshops, memberships, certifications, and/or masterminds. Product-based businesses will still get a lot out of the Money Map, but Profit Stacking & Profit Projections were specifically designed for service-based models.


I lead our monthly calls the 2nd & 4th Monday of every month at 11:00am CST. You'll receive immediate access to our FB community where all the live coaching calls happen upon purchasing the Money Map.


Because this is a digital product and you get immediate access to all course materials, there are no refunds. However, I'm here to help you win with the Money Map. If something is missing the mark, show up to a live Money Mapping call and you'll get my expertise on the spot. I encourage you to read through the testimonials for the results the Money Map creates. If you're ready to have laser clarity on your cash flow, take charge of your money like a CEO, and create momentum that's intuitive, strategic, & fully aligned, the Money Map totally overdelivers!

Create #feelgoodcash that intentionally funds your dreams!