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It's time to get your head & heart around what you really want and design the business that can help you achieve it!  

that's right.

As in, it's time to design your business to do some of the money heavy lifting.   

Sound good? Keep reading.

Because money becomes magical when (#1) you clarify what you want and (#2) have a way to map out the simplest, clearest, most easeful way there.  

As in…

I can promise you YOUR BIG DREAMS

(even those 5+ year ones)

Are FAR closer than you think!

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Helping coaches, consultants, THERAPISTS & healers
build money mastery & map out the most sustainable & profitable business of their dreams!

Around Here, We Do Money Differently.

Because DreamMoney™ doesn’t ask you to sacrifice your integrity nor burn out your energy.  

In fact, #dreammoney is clear, supportive, expansive,  AND BEST BELIEVE...

the most powerful partner you’ll find in helping you expand into who you’re here to become! 

It’s time to get far more meaningful with your money, to see it as an intimate co-creator of your dreams, to call more in by mapping it all out & amplifying the larger impact you’re ready to achieve!

Welcome to my world of



Money that's:


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Maybe you’re used to money feeling overwhelming or not having a framework that helps you calculate "enough".

Maybe “profit” hasn’t even been a meaningful word in your business vocabulary. And no shame! It wasn’t one in mine for a long time either.  

Maybe you’re amazing at making money (yay, you!), but never know if you’re doing the wisest thing with it that supports your needs in the here and now AND also your vision for the future.  

You might be a powerful manifester and while it calls in some magical money in a pinch, you're also starting to realize this isn't a long term plan.  


You’re ready for a STRONGER FOUNDATION that generates reliable, consistent sustainable cash!

Because I’m a firm believer we don’t have to work ourselves into the ground in the pursuit of our goals. 

There’s a more easeful, simple, scalable way there that also prioritizes our energy.  


My friend,

Allow me to introduce you to The Money Map

the most holistic profit planning tool on the market that delivers




Money Momentum

If you’re here to earn more, KEEP MORE, and have cash stacking up at the bank

While building a WILDLY profitable, sustainable, scalable business that supports your biggest dreams

You're in the right place!

In two hours or less

I can give you the clarity you need to structure your business to do less, make more (and keep more) and turn those 5+ year dreams into 2! 

Yes, really!

I’ve created The Money Map, a powerful profit planning tool, to immediately map out a crystal clear roadmap for how to reach your dreams faster with the most amount of ease.  

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Because I not only want to help you make more money. I want to help you make more Dream Money.


My guess is you’re ready to say goodbye to money overwhelm, confusion, and that skin-crawling sensation when you have to put real numbers to real goals. 

AND instead...

Say Hello

To feeling clear, calm, and masterful AF when it comes to money while also calling in more feel good cash.  

Like creating a revenue plan that doesn’t feel exhausting & moves your BIG goals off your vision board into your real-deal bank account!  

I’ll be the first to tell you EARNING is healing.

And you don’t have to do all the inner work first!

Magic happens when you finally have the tools to support you. Tools that make the impossible PROBABLE.

 We’re talking a whole new level of business mastery that makes cash flow your smallest issue so you can start focusing on other things! 

The Money Map is a unique profit planning tool with 6 specific steps:


Organizing your money in BOTH your business & personal financials because


If you’ve ever wondered about healthy margins (as in how much you should really be setting aside for taxes & paying yourself), Profit First has it all figured out!

Plus, I’ll show you how to leverage this system for fluctuations in revenue so you can make high-level CEO decisions for making the most use from every dollar that walks through your door. 

Money should be fun after all & help you take QUANTUM LEAPS!

Getting clear on your MONEY MOTIVATORS, which are essential for creating more meaning with your money, but also pursuing money goals on your own terms


Setting GOOD/BETTER/BEST GOALS baking in important money milestones worthy of celebration & creating money momentum


Mapping out the simplest way to reach your goals while also prioritizing ease. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed & frazzled reaching your goals, I’m going to show you how to structure your business sustainably & price your offers correctly because smart business always honors your time & energy!


Projecting your revenue for the year so you can see how your cash flow is stacking up. Here, we’ll dive into your sales calendar and pricing models to laser clarity on how they impact your cash.

Integrating the magic of Profit First which is like literal magic for always having cash stacking up at the bank. I’ll teach you my unique approach to baking a give-back into your business while also setting aside money your business needs to grow.


The Money Map takes you from all over the place, estimated money to CLEAR, calm, intentional money that helps your business be in deeper service to your life & to your dreams.  

It comes with immediate access to this self-paced course where I’ll walk you through how to create your own Money Map in two hours or less!  

If you’re ready to build money mastery & feel wildly confident pursuing feel good cash, The Money Map brings all the powerful pieces together for NEXT LEVEL results!  

I’m on a mission to make sure every equity-driven entrepreneur I meet knows DreamMoney™ is available to them & has the tools to create it.  

Your first step is getting started with The Money Map because BIG LEAPS await!  

i'm ready to start money mapping

Ask  me  how  I  know!

I first created The Money Map in 2017 just 2 months shy of going on maternity leave with my second little boy. At the time, I was 3 years into my business feeling BEYOND frustrated that things weren’t taking off.

I was doing all the things, implementing all the strategies, and came close to shutting my doors many, many times! There had to be an easier way to make the money I wanted to make.  

The Money Map started with a few key processes that I still teach to this day: 

Clarifying my Money Motivators 

What would really make me feel personally successful while on maternity leave and being a new mama to two under two?

Creating Good/Better/Best Goals

What was the bare minimum I needed to generate where I could at least breathe a sigh of relief? If I could do that, what would come next? And what would truly blow me away?  

Looking at the most easeful path to make my goals a reality

How could I work less (like much less) than I ever had before while generating more (like doubling my revenue more) working just 10 hours a week?  No small feat.

But, what resulted was a quantum leap! 

Not only did I get to go on maternity leave not worrying about a cent, but a month later, I launched an offer that generated a year’s worth of revenue in just 4 weeks - 3 days shy of having my baby boy.  

I reached my Good/Better/Best Goals too: 

I Doubled what I was paying myself

i paid off $30k in debt in less than 10 months

i became a 2% giving company

A commitment I've maintained to this day never missing a month!

I first started teaching the Money Map in December of 2017. I've now helped hundreds of entrepreneurs step into a far more intentional approach to generating sustainable cash. 

I know first hand the power The Money Map creates.  

It’s flexible, intuitive, and a complete game-changer that grows with you as you grow.

I’ve used it to help clients map out $50k years all the way to their first $1Mil+.   

It’s truly a REVOLUTIONARY way of profit planning that makes money feel like the biggest supporter of your dreams while also helping you step into far MORE MASTERY with your cash.   

But that’s truly just the start! 

The Money Map offers a framework to start interacting with your money differently.  

Instead of money feeling like a complicated, confusing aspect of doing business, money becomes one of the most fun, exciting, playful, & expansive aspects of being a CEO!  

Ready to start profit planning & take your revenue to all new (easeful) heights?

Buy The Money Map here and I’ll see you inside!

i'm ready to get started

Want to Take a Peek Inside?

Why The Money Map?

The Money Map is the most intuitive money system on the market that was developed by someone who needed a manageable & doable approach to creating sustainable growth & success on her own terms.

I was hungry for momentum without the burnout, to know exactly what I needed for sustainable success, & how to start directly my money wisely that was setting me up for long-term growth!

After going through The Money Map, you’re going to have clarity on ALL OF THOSE pieces, but more than that, you’ll have a fully functional money system effortlessly operating in the background of your business continuously supporting you in reaching all your financial dreams!  

Clarity is everything! 

And so is money confidence.

Together, these create money momentum that shifts the entire trajectory of your business!

What other Money Mappers have to say...

"After being an entrepreneur for about 1.5 years, I was feeling desperate for a sense of ownership over my finances, both in my business and personal life. After some missteps with financial investments and mismanagement of funds as a new entrepreneur, I felt defeated about ever getting ahead financially or feeling confident about my offers, pricing, and my business model. Megan's Money Map was honestly a God send and I was blown away with how much value was packed into the process. 

My favorite aspect about the system was Megan's refreshing take on how to intentionally create offers that align with my financial priorities. I've never seen anything like it and felt so empowered to take ownership over my finances and business model in a way that FINALLY feels aligned and intuitive, rather than strategic and forced. 

Megan, I can't think of a single course I've taken that has provided that level of value for it's price, I'm SO grateful for the work you do. The bonus module was worth the price alone!! I can't believe this isn't where every entrepreneur is told they need to start. My mind is officially blown." ~ Chrissy Papetti

START money mapping now!

"Money mapping is like an amazing chocolate cake - a wonderful luscious, layered experience that gets better with every bite. Each module builds on the next strengthening your money mastery and OMG - 

Megan, I can't tell you enough how much this system has done for my business & money sanity."   
~ Evelyn Pacitti


What if you could...

Stop feeling confused & overwhelmed by your money

And instead...

Feel masterful with your money while pursuing success on your own terms

Stop worrying if you’re actually making enough & instead ensure you're building a profitable business

Stop obsessing over the sales you need to make when sales are only one part of the equation

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your cash flow at all times

Have a way of approaching your money that’s fun, intuitive, and builds on your strengths

Are we just now meeting?

I'm Megan Hale, Profit First®️ Business Strategist, Money Mentor, and Former Psychotherapist who blends the soul & strategy of business to create massive aligned results! 

I'm known for bringing grounded wisdom that lovingly encourages you to step up as a CEO, bring your full magic to the table, and intentionally design your business to successfully fund your dreams. Whether that's: 

My work focuses on helping you increase your revenue & expand your impact to be in deepest integrity for who you're here to become. 

When I'm not coaching my clients and working in the back-end of their businesses, you can find me spending time with my two little boys (#boymom) & my military hubby traveling in our RV, paddle boarding any chance we get, or exploring national parks from sea to shining sea. 

Over the past 5 years in business, I’ve honed my craft for helping purpose-driven women become more profit-focused and build sustainable businesses that honor their energy & hold all the magic that they bring.  

People call me "soulful with spreadsheets". I just think of it as me doing my thing ;) There’s nothing better than seeing the impact The Money Map creates for people. I can’t wait to witness all the possibility it opens up for YOU too! 

Becoming debt free

Hiring your dream team

Writing a fat check to your charity of choice

Or simply creating a sustainable business that can exponentially support you, your family, and all your future dreams

The Money Map comes highly recommended by:

You've got questions.


I walk you through step-by-step with graphics and videos that makes this whole process incredibly easy! 


Every CEO makes time for the things that are important. Generating sustainable revenue is one of the most important pieces for stepping into the business (and impact) of your dreams. If this potent training could change the game of what's possible for your future, I know you'll MAKE the time ;) CEOs always do! 

WHAT IF i can't figure it out on my own?

The Money Map is an incredibly clear process that's been tested & perfected across hundreds of CEO's. You'll notice I answer the most common questions I've received over the years inside the course, but I also know every business is 100% unique. That's why if you have a Q, I have an A.  Simply email me or DM me with your questions and I'll personally send you an answer!

I'm 100% here to help you WIN with the Money Map. I've seen it completely transform people's businesses & I know the possibility it will open up for you too! The magic, of course, is showing up & doing the work!! I'll bring my business acumen & soulful approach to help you take that next step for #feelgoodgrowth!


When you buy The Money Map, you'll receive an immediate confirmation email with your Money Map login info to give you full LIFETIME access to all your materials hosted inside Membervault.

Once inside, you'll find:

9 Core Modules that walk you through SIX KEY STEPS to create your own Money Map

3 Bonus Modules focused on setting laser tight goals, how to structure your business to have way more ease, & how to raise your rates with integrity (truly essential for every LEO) 😉

**And P.S. Most people will tell you these bonuses are worth the investment alone!!

You also get access to the same system of spreadsheets & calculators I use in my business that will bring laser clarity to your cash and have helped hundreds of others create money momentum! 


Like any powerful system, The Money Map is specifically designed to grow with you as you continue to level up in your business. It continues to be a process that supports you at every stage of life & business with the added magic of Profit First.

Whether you need to scale down during challenging seasons or you're ready to level up & expand, The Money Map is flexible to give you the clarity you need on any dream you crave and is a repeatable process you'll refer to again & again while also enjoying lifetime access to the course! 

Plainly put, people have been using The Money Map ever since it was released in 2018 for the clarity it offers their business.  This is a profit planning tool that helps you map out your offers & business model to intentionally reach your goals with the power of stewarding your money to explicitly fund them!  

The Money Map is a process you'll use year after year to map your way to your biggest dreams (even those really big ones) and can tell you with laser precision exactly when you'll reach those big dreams too!  

With the help of The Money Map, you'll feel supported to make high level financial decisions like an intentional CEO while also building money mastery & next level business confidence.  Most people will say those results are priceless! 


Money Mapping was specifically designed for service based businesses who sell done-for-you services, 1:1 work, courses, programs, retreats, trainings, workshops, memberships, certifications, and/or masterminds. Product-based businesses will still get a lot out of the Money Map, but Profit Stacking & Profit Projections were specifically designed for service-based models. 


Because this is a digital product and you get immediate access to all course materials, there are no refunds. However, I'm here to help you win with The Money Map.

If something is missing the mark, show up to a live Money Mapping call and you'll get my expertise on the spot. I encourage you to read through the testimonials for the results the Money Map creates. And also remember, this is a tool that's perfected, tested, & expertly distilled across hundreds of entrepreneurs!!

If you're ready to have laser clarity on your cash flow, take charge of your money like a CEO, and create momentum that's intuitive, strategic, & fully aligned, The Money Map totally overdelivers! 

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