What Would Shift In Your Business If You Had Spacious, Sustainable Money for a Full 12 Months with Just One Offer that Opened a Whole New World of Possibility?


Radically Shift

Quantum Leap is a 6-Week Intensive that helps you create ONE OFFER + ONE FULL YEAR of sustainable cash flow in just 6 weeks!

Your Business!

One Offer Is All It Could Take To

Ohhhh, hi!

I'm Megan Hale, Business Strategist & Money Mentor for coaches, creatives, & consultants who crave A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS that feels soul level good!

In 2017, I took a Quantum Leap bringing in a whole year's worth of revenue in just 4 weeks! Not only did this completely shift my entire business, it shifted my ENTIRE TRAJECTORY!

These days, I help my clients do the same by creating ONE KEY OFFER (A Quantum Leap Offer) that secures a WHOLE YEAR'S WORTH of revenue opening up all kinds of dreamy possibilities!

I didn't know it at the time, but having a Quantum Leap Offer (QLO) that creates financial stability is the FOUNDATION for creating sustainability in your business!

Let's Take A Look As to Why...

Inside the anatomy of a sustainable business, there's a direct flow of offers each leading to the next.

This not only allows you to create a suite of offers that can serve your clients at different price points, but also serve them at different points along their journey.

Some people call this your "Value Ladder" and it's essential for creating a fully sustainable business that can serve your clients at the highest level!

BUT, the part most people ignore is HOW these offers work together to create sustainable cash flow.

Sustainable Cash Flow Comes Down to 3 Key Things



Having Months Upon Months of revenue secured & coming in



Generating a specific amount of revenue that covers 6 Key Financial Needs



Making this type of money while honoring your Energetic Capacity & Needs

What Most People Do

Focus on how much they need to sell every single month

Create revenue goals based on how much they need to get by

Sell all their offers to cover their financial needs

Over-commit their time & energy letting their capacity be prioritized last (hello burnout!)

Structure their offers to be cash rich, but time poor creating a bottleneck in their business


Focus on how to END the month-to-month cash flow cycle FOR GOOD!

Create revenue goals based on how much you need to GET AHEAD

Sell ONE KEY OFFER to cover your financial needs

Honor your time & energy FIRST protecting your capacity as the true gold it is!

Structure your offers to create TIME FREEDOM so you create money momentum

But let us not overlook
the GREATEST distinction!

Quantum Leapers Focus on Creating One QUANTUM LEAP OFFER First!

With a WHOLE YEAR'S WORTH OF REVENUE now secured...
That Buys Them Time AND Buys Them Space...
They now turn their attention to fine tuning the rest of their business model to keep this dreamy momentum going!


The Result?

A fully sustainable business that's secured a whole year of financial stability radically shifting your trajectory & giving you the time & space you need to sustainably scale! 

**As in, you're ready to serve more people with more ease WITHOUT wanting to burn the whole damn thing to the ground!

Can You Imagine?

THE IMPACT this now creates in your life & your business?

How much more powerfully you can now SERVE YOUR PURPOSE & SERVE YOUR PEOPLE?

What this now MAKES  POSSIBLE moving forward?

What you NOW BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE because you see the path to your biggest dreams?

Not to mention THE BIGGER DREAMS a Quantum Leap now pulls within reach?

This Is The Magic Of Taking A



That Radically Shifts Your Business

In Just 6 Weeks!

One Intentional Offer

A Four Step Process For Creating


All intentionally designed to Create, Price, & Sell Out Your Quantum Leap Offer (also known as your QLO!)


Determine Sustainable Delivery For Your QLO

Skip this step & you can say goodbye to a sustainable business!


Determine the Capacity & Price Point of your QLO

Your price point will cover 6 Key Financial Needs for a Full Year!


Embody Your Price Point Confidently

You'll learn 5 key money mindset shifts to stand in your price point and receive it with ease!


Map Out Your Custom Strategy to Sell Your QLO

You'll have my Spacious Launch Formula, a repeatable process for a sold out launch!!


Write Your Quantum Leap High-Converting Copy

You'll communicate the magic of your QLO using words so aligned, people will say "OMG, it's like you're in my head!

In This Group Program, You Not Only Get 5 Potent Trainings, But You'll Also Have My Live Support For a Full 6 Weeks As We (Re)Structure Your Business to Take A



Here's How It All Goes Down:

Immediately upon purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email granting you access to your pre-work that will help you calculate your Quantum Leap Number (QLN) - that dreamy, unique-to-you number that covers 6 Key Financial Needs for a full year!!

From There, We Officially Get Started March 17th
Making Our Way Through 5 Key Trainings to Take A Quantum Leap ⤵️

Designing Your QLO (Mar 17th): Here we'll ensure you have a sustainable structure to your QLO that is honoring of your time & energy. A QLO is the OPPOSITE of over-working so we start with my Sustainable Energy Calculator that tells you the exact # of hours your QLO can receive in order to protect your capacity & energy!

Pricing Your QLO (Mar 24th): Here we'll dive into my Pricing Model Matrix where you'll have NINE different ways to price your offer that provide for those 6 Key Financial Needs & meet your people where they are financially (because a Quantum Leap is so much more nuanced than simply doubling your price points!)

Embodying Your QLO Price-Point Confidently (Mar 31st):  Now that we have your QLO priced sustainably, it's time to learn 5 key shifts to embody your price point confidently!  Say "goodbye" to pricing-drama and "HELLO" to fully aligned price points that create a feel good exchange for your brilliance, impact, & work! 

Selling Your QLO (Apr 7th): Here we'll map out a custom strategy to sell out your QLO including my Spacious Launch Process helping you intentionally create content that you can later repurpose & leverage for other areas of your business! (Hello, Return on Energy!)

Writing Your Quantum Leap Copy (Apr 21st): Here we'll walk through the anatomy of a high-converting sales page helping you clearly communicate & position the ✨MAGIC✨ of your QLO for #feelgood sales! We'll then leverage that copy to create other sales assets such as social media posts, email copy, etc. that carry the same message & energy!

Integration Week (Apr 14th): Here we'll have some time for deeper reflection and coaching as you continue refining your QLO Clarity!

(Surprise Bonus!) Two More Magical Weeks of Integration + Coaching (Thru May 6th):  Once we finish all our trainings, you'll still have my support as you prepare to move your QLO out into the world!!  I'll be super available in our Facebook group where you'll have my brain & heart on your offer, strategy, & mindset as you rev up to take a Quantum Leap!!

One Time Payment

of $1500


Two Equal Payments

of $750


Plus, Quantum Leap Also Comes With

A Private Facebook Group for Added Accountability & Momentum

A Virtual Learning Lab Housing All Your Live Trainings & Worksheets

Access to High-Level Profit Planning Tools You'll Literally Use For YEARS!

But You Might Be Wondering...
Will This Work For My Business?


My clients are coaches, consultants, helpers, & healers building businesses with a variety of different models & a variety of different offers.

The beautiful thing when it comes to a Quantum Leap is your QLO will be unique to you because it's all about understanding your vision, how you most like to work, and honoring your time, money, & energy.

For some, this might look like a 1:1 offer while for others it might look like:

Group Programs, Masterminds, Memberships, Courses, Certifications, or Digital Products.

It's all about clarifying ONE OFFER that meets your 6 Key Financial Needs for ONE YEAR that opens up a whole new level of sustainable possibility!



Is a Live 6-Week Program That Begins Mar 17th!

At the end of our 6 weeks, you'll have:

Designed Your QLO With a Sustainable Structure

Priced Your QLO With Sustainable Price Points You Can Stand in Confidently

Mapped Out Your Custom Strategy to Sell Your QLO with a #feelgoodsales process you can use repeatedly!

Written Your Quantum Leap High-Converting Copy that relationship-driven and & encourages you to put your soul on a page!

You'll have a sustainable foundation for your business to take LEAP AFTER LEAP making your BIGGEST DREAMS a possibility!

But Most Importantly,


And the best thing is what's on the other side!

I'd Love Nothing More Than To Help YOU Radically Shift YOUR Business With ONE KEY OFFER That Creates a Quantum Leap!

Ready To Join Me?

One Time Payment

of $1500


Two Equal Payments

of $750



When are the live coaching calls?
Every Thursday for 6 weeks starting Mar 17th from 10:30am-11:30am CST hosted on Zoom.

How much time do I need to devote to the 6-week program?
Your time is valuable and if there is anyone who understands that, it's me! That's why each training will take you an hour or less to get through and most accompanying work will take you an hour or less to map out. The only exception is writing your copy, as this can vary widely on your writing style and process.

How many years should I have been in business to take full advantage of this program?
We have entrepreneurs that are just starting their business to those who have been in business for 10 years. This framework can work for entrepreneurs at all stages of business because when it comes to sustainability, the work is always the same - Create financial stability in the MOST sustainable way possible with ONE QLO + ONE YEAR of revenue.

Which type of business is this program best suited for?
I have worked with businesses that run in a wild variety of different structures. A Quantum Leap is possible if your business is focused on 1:1, 1:many, done-for-you, done-with-you, or even in-person services.

Do I need to be clear on my Quantum Leap Offer?
Some clients come into Quantum Leap with an offer already in mind. Others don't and still have amazing results! Quantum Leap will help you get radically clear on the structure of your offer, its duration, its capacity, & its price point. Once you have this skeleton in place, you're ready to sell and fill in the content with your methodology along the way!

What if I don't have an audience?
We will not be covering audience building in this program as that takes time to build and several strategies to grow in a way that feels good, true & supportive for you. However, I don't want you to count yourself out or think you have to have thousands of people in your world.

When I took my first Quantum Leap, I had about 600 people on my email list, about 600 people in a Facebook Group (mostly the same people), and less than 1000 followers on IG (I'm still below 2000).

Quantum Leap is about focusing on quality leads and creating the right offer for the right people. A Quantum Leap is also NOT about having to make 9 million sales. It's about focusing on how many sales you DO need at the RIGHT PRICE POINT to ensure you're covering your 6 Key Financial Needs. We'll calculate this number as STEP 1 inside the program!

I still have questions. How do I get in touch?
Email me at hello {@} meganhale.co or DM me on FB. I'm happy to make sure you're investing in the right program at the right time to ensure your Quantum Leap is a success!

Anything else I should know?
I believe strongly and am deeply committed to providing safe containers that build a culture of belonging. If you also value diversity, equity, and inclusion, this is the right space for you.

Fine Print

Are there refunds?
Once the program begins, there are NO refunds because of the level of content being delivered. One module alone is worth the investment. However, if you join and have second thoughts before we begin, (as in prior to the first live coaching call), you can receive a full refund. Simply email me and we'll get you sorted.

Will you be offering this again?
I plan on it, but as with all things - plans can change as well as price points. If now is not the best time, but you know you want to make this investment - reach out via email. I'm happy to add you to my waitlist and you'll be the first to know when I'm offering this program again.

How long will I have access to the Facebook Group?
The Facebook Group will be open from Mar 14th & close May 6th.

How long will I have access to the Quantum Leap Materials?
You'll have access to all Quantum Leap materials for a full 6 months giving you a month to work through each training in case you want to move at your own pace 😉

As long as you download your spreadsheets, worksheets and planning calendars during your time in the program, you'll maintain access.