Mason provides LGBTQ consulting and copy auditing services to help businesses become more LGBTQ inclusive.

Ep. 42 Being a Lighthouse for the LGBTQ Community with Mason Aid

Show Notes

Mason Aid is an educator and advocate for diversity and inclusion focusing on the LGBTQ community. They grew up on a small farm in rural Northeast Missouri and now live in the teeming metropolis of Columbia, Missouri.  

They got their start working with LGBTQ teens and found their passion through this work. Seeing the experiences of these amazing youth had a profound impact on Mason, and through their volunteer work they found opportunities training educators and social service providers. They have since grown those opportunities into the Aided podcast and are creating a movement to help equip others to be a safe person for youth who are coming out.  

Mason loves spending time with their wife and toddler, going on walks, cooking good food, and pretending to be a pretentious coffee snob. One of their biggest life goals is to hike the Ozark Trail across Missouri.  

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