"Let go of overwhelm, anxiety, and perfectionism. It's time to step into more earning!"

Ep. 45 Tapping Into Millions with Jackie McDonald

Jackie McDonald

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Show Notes

I'm so excited to share this episode with you today, like over the moon excited! I love sharing amazing people with you and today is a true joy! We are officially stepping into a new EARNING series on the podcast! After laying a beautiful foundation for money that feels good, we're now taking that work deeper and making it more applicable. After all, one of the biggest reasons we do all this money work to begin with is to step into more earning and not just any type of earning - but EARNING that feels good! Today, I'm joined by one of my favorite people, Jackie McDonald to offer us a powerful practice to support us on our journey as we step into more earning and you are absolutely going to LOVE this episode! Jackie is an EFT Practitioner, which if you’re new to EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping, which we’re diving all the way into today and even doing some live tapping as Jackie guides me through some of my own emotions around earning which I know you’re going to love! In addition to being one of the best EFT Practitioners, she’s also a Conscious Life Coach, Speaker, Mama, and Leader to Sensitive and Successful Women who are ready to use their gifts intuitively, avoid burn out and achieve success with soul. EFT has allowed her to heal physically, build a thriving business, and transform people’s lives from the inside out. You can find Jackie online sharing the behind the scenes of everyday business and life or on the beaches of Mexico hosting retreats with like-minded change makers. She believes sensitive ambitious women have a unique way of being in the world that is special, sacred, and should be encouraged to flourish. Make sure to check out her 21 Days of Tapping, which is by far one of the BEST ways to start utilizing this practice in your life & bu&iness!  

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