"To receive at big levels, we have to start elevating ourselves there right now."

Ep. 46 | Stepping Into More Earning - Receiving, Permission, & Boundaries

Show Notes

Welcome to the Earning Series! 

The topic of earning is a big one, friends! Not only do we have the mindset component of truly stepping into new levels of revenue, but we also have the energetic work of embodying this next level which is why I wanted to have Jackie on the last episode to get this earning conversation started.  

But even though there is so much more to dive into with mindset & energetics alone, we also have all the structural components including pricing & positioning, creating our best offerings, creating & maintaining a sustainable launch plan, having a rock solid marketing strategy (which is a huge conversation in and of itself), plus selling, identifying your revenue generating activities, and really upleveling the way you’re running your business so you can do less better, become known for your zone of expertise for more referrals and thought leadership, and step into more cash!  

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