"When we honor our energy, we honor our value. And when it comes to higher price points & more sales, respecting our value & brilliance are KEY!"

Ep. 47 | The EnQ™ of Earning

Show Notes

Welcome to the Earning Series - where I dive into the mindset & energetic work to step into higher revenue as well as all the business structure & strategy that take us there!

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with EQ, which stands for emotional intelligence - a concept that’s been getting a lot of well deserved buzz these days for creating deeper empathy, healthier relationships, and being more mindful of how your actions impact others and how this awareness helps you do better, which thank goodness for that because EQ will heal the world!!  

EnQ, though, may be something you’re not as familiar with and that’s because I made it up :) Yep - EnQ refers to Energetic Intelligence - all the pieces that go into learning to manage your energy as well as tune into your intuition. Together, these two are what allow us to hold exceptional space for ourselves as leaders, especially through the often rocky road of expansion, but they also help us make wise decisions that support our holistic success & truest expression of self.  


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