"Struggle is deeply clarifying. When it's hard, it can feel like an incredible limitation, but it can also be the birthplace of phenomenal ingenuity."

Ep. 48 | The Gift of Personal Struggle & Collective Crisis

Show Notes

Welcome to the Earning Series - where I dive into the mindset & energetic work to step into higher revenue as well as all the business structure & strategy that take us there!

Today's episode is my last official episode I'm recording in TX before we make our big move to Omaha, NE. So, as a heads up, friend, we'll be taking a short 4-week break as I get settled in my new city. The past 18 months have offered a whole lot of struggle & many, many gifts, which I'm diving into in today's episode. But I'm also sharing how we continue pursuing our businesses during times of deep spiritual collective crisis. 

As we go on this short break, I would love to stay connected on social @meganhale_mh where I'll be sharing grounded wisdom for life & business along the way!  

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