"Learning how to manage your energy is essential to showing up braver."

Ep. 50 | Embodiment & Visibility with Jaya Rose 

Show Notes

This week, I'm joined by Jaya Rose who is sharing her wisdom on the power & process of embodiment to share your story more bravely. Jaya has been a long-time acquaintance in the online space and I'm so glad we had a chance to connect on the podcast as we share so many similar approaches to putting your work out in there in the world. One of the things I love about Jaya is her willingness to share her story & her behind the scenes of what it looks like to pursue your purpose in the world.  

This conversation holds so many gems on learning to manage your energy as an empath, defining success on your own terms, the power of owning and sharing your story for more earning, and the connection between managing your energy & taking brave leaps.  

If you're new to Jaya, she's a transformational speaker, spiritual business coach, and essential oil educator. She helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs package their magic and speak clearly to the world WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY DO, and WHY THEY'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT - so they can create financial freedom and a massive impact along the way.  

You're going to hear Jaya talk about the importance of embodiment and if this is work you know you need to do, I'd love to invite you to learn more about her program, Embody. It's a 12 week beautiful that focuses on helping you embody your soul’s purpose with more clarity & honor your energy more deeply. If you’re an empath who knows she’s here to do big things – most definitely go and check it out right here and connect with Jaya. We’ll be speaking side by side at Shine Live in Kelowna, BC October 21st-23rd and obviously we’d love to see you there in real life too!  

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