"Stepping into more earning isn't really about the money. It's getting radically comfortable stepping more boldly into your power."

Ep. 51 | The Power of Money 

Show Notes

Hello, friends! This week, we're diving into perhaps THE BIGGEST shift we need to make to step into more earning and I know you're going to love this episode!  

A few updates for you:  

>>> First, I want to point you to my most recent social media post titled: 

Why I Stopped Burning Sage & Palo Santo as a Spiritual White Woman  

With all the many platforms I'm active on, I want to make sure we're on the same page with changes that are happening at Wild & Holy and the why behind them. To catch up on this post, find it on FB here & IG here.  

>>> Second, if you have not taken the Grounded CEO Masterclass yet where I teach the raved about GBB Goals Framework, make sure you do that ASAP as this will not be free for much longer! Grab it here while you can <3  

>>> Lastly, if you're ready to step into your POWER & more earning, I'd love to invite you into a 1:1 high-touch intensive with me where we'll work together for 4 months to restructure your business to make more money while creating solid business foundations that prepares you to scale.  

To be the right fit, you've likely been in business for at least 1-2 years, have learned a lot, have tried a lot, and are ready to actually leverage all the pieces you've created along the way into one cohesive business model that can finally build traction.  

To make sure we're a good fit, set up a free 30-minute business clarity call with me here. We'll talk business, your personal goals, your current obstacles, and what I see from the outside looking in that would be paramount for helping you get where you want to go!  

There's only one more spot on my calendar before my books are full for 2019 so if this you, set up a free call here :)  

>>> Other than that, join me inside the Clarity Summit where I'll be presenting a brand new masterclass on How to Leverage Your Impact, Intuition, and Integrity for More Revenue! It's free to join and this lineup of speakers is POWERFUL! Join us here :) We get started next week!!

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