"Building more wealth comes from education, accountability, & a holistic approach to reaching your goals."

Ep. 52 | Holistic Financial Mastery with Kath Derisson 

Show Notes

Hello, friends! This week, I'm joined by Kath Derisson who shares a refreshingly holistic approach to money management and building wealth. 

Kath is a Private Wealth Advisor with over 14 years experience in the financial services industry between the US and the UK.  

She works primarily with women and their families to help them create financial success.  

With a passion for educating and helping families feel confident in their future and creating a plan and pathway for them to come together, Kath helps individuals and families with achieving their financial goals and dreams from a holistic viewpoint, as a fiduciary; Kath’s firm is independent.  

Kath serves on a non-profit board for an organization that provides financial literacy to children from K-12 and through to adulthood in the state she resides.  

Disclaimer and disclosures: Kath is a regulated Advisor, however, this podcast does not constitute advice. Kath is not affiliated with any specific products that may or may not be mentioned during this podcast or other public recordings. You should seek advice regarding your own personal circumstances.  

To connect with Kath, find her on Facebook here

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