"This is the process of becoming who you’re here to be and stepping into your fullest expression, but more than anything taking a big, firm, strong seat in your power." 

Ep. 53 | The Inconvenience of Integrity 

Show Notes

Hello friends! This week, we're talking all about integrity as part of the Earning Series because if you're anything like me or my clients - when you're out of alignment with your values, it's SO easy for our energy to be split between our tasks at hand & our internal conflict.  

This week, I walk you through the process of integration to return yourself to center, the importance of doing this work no matter how "inconvenient" it is to your best laid plans, and why those who master this process show up braver & truer for who they're here to be and in their full power for their next level of growth.  

I also leave you with 4 powerful questions to ask yourself during the integration process:  

  • Where am I being called to grow?
  • What’s feeling out of alignment?
  • What are the steps I need to take to feel truer to who I want to be?
  • What can I do differently in the future?  

As well as the importance for reaching out for outside perspective. I know I hold this space for my clients often, especially around BIG topics of leadership and being an agent of change in the world.  

If this is work you know you need to do or become more proficient with, I want to point you to Lee Chaix McDonough's Coach with Clarity Membership program that is currently open for enrollment. Lee teaches coaches how to leverage their intuition for business growth, expand their leadership, and hone their skillsets as intuitive coaches.  

It just opened for enrollment, which you can check out here: bit.ly/coachwithclarity_mh.  

If you missed the Clarity Summit last week, most definitely go check out the last two masterclasses HERE where Lee walks you through 5 Qualities of a Powerful Coach which are all qualities you can leverage for doing your own integration work.  

Over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to a few people who are helping me ask big questions as I move into my next phase of business growth while staying rooted in my values. You don't want to miss it!  

Until then, here's to the courage to show up braver - whole heart, full self, all in. We got this! 

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