"It’s this potent combination of what you’re building & who you’re being that creates more earning." 

Ep. 55 | The Being of Earning 

Show Notes

Hi, friends! Exciting news today :) At this very moment, I'm up in Kelowna, BC speaking at Shine Live - an annual conference hosted by Chantelle Adams. In fact, the day this episode goes live, I will have already led a powerful meditation on facing the pieces of yourself that are keeping you stuck and giving them the love & reassurance they need and today, I’ll be taking the stage to deliver a keynote titled “Embrace the & to Expand”.  

I'm so excited to share my takeaways with you from the event when I get back.  

This week on the podcast, we're diving into one of the most potent pieces of stepping into more earning that doesn't require more doing. It requires more YOU. And more specifically - owning your YOU-ness! This is one hell of an episode. I can't wait to dive in :) 

Some of my fave parts of this episode were diving into:  

  • The transition from transformational coach, helper, or healer to intentional CEO
  • Allowing yourself to be both Good & Growing, especially in regards to DEI
  • The process of creating more potency in your work & your revenue
  • The 4-part framework for creating powerful transformational experiences
  • Introducing the waitlist for my next program: The CEO Shift (join the waitlist below 🙌🏼)
  • How to leverage more being for more earning
  • How we become our BIGGEST selves (** hint, Embrace the & to Expand) 
  • And why it's absolutely necessary to see yourself as a BIG DEAL and to jump on our own bandwagon!

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