"There's a difference between being busy & being productive. It's essential that you learn the difference to carve out more quality time." 

Ep. 56 | Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Anna Osborn, LMFT 

Show Notes

Hi, friends! Today, I'm joined by Anna Osborn – a LMFT based out of Sacramento who specializes working with entrepreneurial women and couples to help them reconnect and deepen their intimacy as she believes your primary relationship can be your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.  

I am so excited to be diving into this topic this week as this has been a huge piece of growth for me personally this past year. I’ve briefly alluded to my marriage going through a rocky season in 2018 as we went through a deployment, navigating the preliminary stages of a pervasive medical diagnosis for one our children, having a second child, and becoming acutely aware that the agreements in which we has built our marriage drastically needed to shift. What were originally created from a place of love we understood at the time had become toxic that were preventing both my husband and I from truly thriving – as individuals and together.  

The past year has been about redefining our agreements and updating our expectations, needs, communication, and boundaries that better support us as a couple, but also make space for us to reconnect to our souls on an individual level. Life has gotten immensely busier and fuller in this season, which means we’re needing more from each other and just in general than ever before. This has led to vulnerable conversations around what we need, how we need it, and how we need the other person to step up so we consistently get our needs met.  

And I can say too that going through a growth phase of business while also going through a growth phase of marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of presence, hard conversations, and a willingness to embrace the suck for a little while until you come out the other side. I’ll never forget having a conversation with my husband about a year ago in which I shared I was angry we were going through this after all we’d just endured. I was angry that it would likely be awhile before this felt easier as I knew we needed to rebuild our marriage from the ground up. And I also knew if we could show up and stay committed to who we wanted to be, we’d come out the other side stronger than we’d ever been before. I anticipated this would take us 6 months to do, but nope – we’re still very much in the rebuilding phase of our marriage a whole year later and likely have at least 6 more months to go before we feel like we’ve arrived to a new normal.  

I wanted to bring Anna on to talk about entrepreneurship & mar&iage because one – both of these things are so complex and challenging and two - I often see business success come at the detriment of successful marriages. Entrepreneurship asks a lot of you as the CEO, but it can also ask a lot of our partnerships and I know from a personal level how much stress it puts on every area of your life when marital issues and rough patches pop up. It shifts the foundation in which you walk and can make you re-examine everything. Today, Anna is going to be giving us some tips and tools for maintaining intimacy and how to reconnect when we’re not really "feeling the love".  

She’s offering an amazing 7-day challenge for couples to reconnect intentionally which you can find right here.  

Some of my favorite parts of this conversation were:

  • when she distinguished between being busy & being productive, 
  • how we can leverage our entrepreneurial strengths for relationship success, 
  • why it’s so important to celebrate your wins, and how we all go through seasons of marriage just like we go through seasons of business growth

Here's more about Anna: 

Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling and host of Her Life Unscripted podcast, focuses her work on reconnecting couples and inspiring individuals. She works with couples and individuals on improving communication, deepening intimacy and changing negative patterns of disconnection in their love relationships. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist Anna provides therapy, relationship workshops and hosts speaking events that help folks create change and live their lives with intentionality. Anna also works with entrepreneurial women to inspire and motivate them to step fully into their voice and live their lives out loud. She believes that your primary relationship can your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.  

To connect with Anna on social, find here on Facebook!  


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