"Your brand is so much more than just fonts or logos or color palettes. It's how someone feels when they interact with you, your work, & your values. It's the lasting impression someone has after speaking with you at an event. You are your brand." 

Ep. 58 | Building a Cohesive Brand with India Jackson 

Show Notes

Hello, friends! I am so excited for our episode today as we are joined by the amazing India Jackson from Flaunt Your Fire, a Visual Marketing Agency, who is giving us SO many powerful pointers for building a strong brand that is cohesive & converts. 

Some of my fave parts of this episode were diving into:  

  • The 6 types of visuals every business should have for a powerful brand
  • The elements of a cohesive brand
  • Why having an outside perspective can be so powerful for creating more cohesion
  • The behind-the-scenes audit of my current brand & the incongruencies
  • Subtle shifts you can make to create a stronger brand right now!
  • And why being more YOU is SO important for EVERYTHING!  

Links Mentioned in this Episode: 

www.flauntyourfire.com www.instagram.com/flauntyourfire www.linkedin.com/in/theindiajackson www.instagram.com/theindiajackson

  • The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO.  

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