"When we grossly oversimplify a concept, we can unintentionally insult, shame, & blame others for not being able to "just make a simple shift". I'm here to dispel the myth that revenue is simply a money mindset issue when, in fact, it is far more nuanced and is a culmination of our mindset AND our business structure, systems, & strategies."

Ep. 59 | The Money Mindset Myth 

Show Notes

Hello, friends! I am so pumped for our episode today as we're diving into the Intentional Money Model and busting the myth that money mindset is the only thing that's needed to fix your revenue gaps!  

If you missed the masterclass this past Monday on the 5 Agreements for Sustainable Money Grounded in Spaciousness & Ease, do not fear! 

>>> I'm doing an encore presentation this coming Monday at 2:30 pm CT and you absolutely have to be there! 

We're diving into: 

  • The 5 agreements for sustainable revenue grounded in spaciousness & ease
  • The #1 shift you MUST make to guide your business to more success
  • How to turn consistent money into sustainable money
  • Why money mindset is NOT the issue & what is!
  • And the piece that ties this all together: the Intentional Money Model that will forever alter the way you do business 

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