"Businesses love to be loved and the most foundational pillar to love is BOUNDARIES!"

Ep. 61 | Loving Your Business with Boundaries & Compassion

Show Notes

Hello, friends! Oh my goodness - do you ever have those moments where you see your previous life journey with your current life journey and you're just amazed at how you've connected the dots? 

This was life this week as I had a "Love Lesson" pop up in my FB feed from 3 years ago when I was deep in writing mode for my unpublished book, Learning to Love. I got about 30,000 words into it before I realized this wasn't a book I was writing for anyone else. I was a book I was writing for me. 

But as I was reflecting on these love lessons that I have been popping up in my FB memories, I realized that every single piece of sustainability I've built into my business - all my money mastery, all of my leadership, every single strategy, structure, and system I've built - it's all been grounded in love. 

So, this week, I wanted to dive into how we can leverage love for business success, the biggest roadblocks I see along the way between entrepreneurs and their businesses, and how we can bring more intention to how we're loving our businesses and more importantly, how we can structure our businesses to more deeply love you back.  

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