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Ep. 62 | CEO Mindset & Money Mastery with Jackie McDonald

Show Notes

Hello friends!  

I literally can't believe it's almost the end of the year! It's wild how much has happened, but the thing I'm most proud of EASILY is truly honoring my energy and my needs this year after the bigness 2018 asked of me.  

Restoration has been the name of the game and I'm so grateful for that as it's been instrumental for me replenishing and gathering all my wisdom into a potent 9 step framework for sustainable business growth that I now get to pass onto you!  

This week, I'm joined by the resident tapping coach inside The CEO Shift, Jackie McDonald as we dive into her results of going through this 9-step framework with me.  

I loved all of this conversation, but the pieces I loved the most were:  

  • How confident Jackie feels with her money
  • How the worry she’s felt around money has started to disippitate
  • How she went to Mexico guilt free because she knew she could afford it and where her next revenue was coming from
  • How she feels much more self-sufficient as a business woman to not only step into her next level, but to be a stable financial provider for her daughter as a single mom
  • How she launched her tapping certification, something she’s been wanting to do for years, and did it within a week to a sold out launch
  • How she just announced her first live event for 2020 that she’s also been dreaming of for years
  • And how for the first time, she’s starting to think so much bigger of what’s truly possible for her to create because her business has the structure & systems to support her, which is freeing up her creative energy, y’all.  

The CEO Shift will be starting a new cohort in January so if this is the work you want to do: business leadership, money mastery, CEO mindset, and the structural, strategic, and systemic business pieces that create massive momentum - definitely book a call with me here!  

Our next group gets started January 6th and I would love to have you! 

Links Mentioned in this Episode:  

21 Days of Tapping with Jackie McDonald

The CEO Shift - my new 5-month program that delivers a powerful 9-step framework to help you make the shift to CEO.  

Apply below! Our next cohort is getting started soon:


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