If you're an experienced coach, consultant, helper, or healer...

It's time to SAY YES to your next BIG STEP and build

a body of work that lasts

because You're Tired Of

Being held back from the bigger impact you're here to make

Never getting to the "scaling" part of business because you keep building offer after offer from scratch

And hustling to create sustainable cash-flow when IT'S TIME to tap into the magic of recurring revenue delivering your BEST WORK yet! 

Instead, let's

say Yes...

To the bigger transformation you're here to offer

The bigger containers you're here to hold

And the deep work (but the right work) of building a business that's here to last!


Because the truth is...

The riches & impact you crave are in the REFINEMENT!  

Go deeper into your wisdom

Bring your unique body of work to the world

And create offers & leadership you're known for 

That bring YOUR BIGGER VISION to life! 

Let me help you:

In this 3-day free training series

we're going deep as we dive into:

the foundations 

creating a body of work that holds your wisdom

  • Clarifying Your long-term vision for the impact your work is here to have
  • bringing together the 4 key elements that build a body of work that lasts
  • the numbers and margins needed for creating sustainable, Spacious Revenue
  • pricing your body of work appropriately for meaningful money momentum

Creating sustainable cash flow that supports your growth


THE Flow 

Creating your first $250K offer (& selling it) that Launches your body of work into the world

  • The 4 core components of a $250K offer worthy of refinement, referrals, & recurring revenue
  • the 5 key pillars of a high-converting sales flow for a steady stream of clients that builds a business here to last

for all the high-level tools I'm known for

and the absolute BEST FREE trainings you'll find!

Raised the bar!!

This was the best free training I've ever participated in! It's packed with value, implementable tools, strategy, & so much wisdom.

It felt like a full mini-course for free!  An absolute no-brainer!!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom so generously this week, Megan!

Hayley Yarish


Go deeper into the work you MOST WANT TO DO!! 

Oh, hey!

I'm Megan

Business strategist & money mentor for coaches, consultants, helpers, and healers who are ready to create One Key Offer that makes their most meaningful contribution while building a body of work that lasts!

As a former psychotherapist who's now certified in Profit First®, I blend a unique set of wisdom for helping you create a profitable business that's also the deepest expression of who you are! 

I'm known for high-level strategy that pulls even your BIGGEST VISION within reach.  BUT we do it by building a CUSTOM-TO-YOU BUSINESS with a DEEP FOCUS on the foundations that create sustainable, long-term growth! 

Pull up a virtual seat

And let's work together over a short 3 days to get a feel for the magic I can bring your business & the meaningful shifts we'll create that will ripple out for years to come!

If you're ready to...

Go from inconsistent, unreliable cash-flow to a profitable, potent, reliable foundation that's built on a body of work that's here to last! 

And learn sustainable business practices that can shift your entire trajectory for the impact you're here to have...

The Details You're Looking For

what happens after i sign up?

You'll get an immediate confirmation email with all your next steps for getting ready for our 3 days together!

Where is the training hosted?

We'll have a private Facebook Group that will not only host our 3 trainings, but will also give us a space to gather for live coaching, Q&A, and some pretty rad community building while we do deep work on your business!

is this free training series worth my time?

Ummm, YES!  People tell me all the time that my free trainings are MORE VALUABLE than courses they've paid thousands for.  These 3 days will alter the way you think about money, how you're designing your business, and how to shift your mindset that can make SO MUCH MORE POSSIBLE!!

What time are the trainings?

I'll be LIVE from 12-1pm CDT November 28th-30th in our Facebook Group!  

what if I can't attend live?

All LIVE trainings will be recorded and remain available through December 2nd when they expire. 

where is this all leading?

I'll be walking you through the 3 core deliverables I help people achieve in FLOW.  FLOW is a 12-month holistic mastermind that helps you: 
  • Clarify your Body of Work in the World
  • Create One Key Offer that makes your most meaningful contribution
  • Create One High-Converting Sales Asset that helps you sell your One Key Offer (but also literally any offer that's based on your body of work)
  • And build systems that support your marketing, sales, money, & leadership every business needs for sustainable growth

If you're ready to create a body of work that lasts with the business that goes with it, there will be
just 35 spots available to join me in FLOW to honor the high-level 1:1 & group support you receive inside. 

where can i learn more about flow?

All details can be found here, but there will be some special bonuses announced during our live training too! 

i've heard you give away some highly valuable tools & calculators inside your free trainings.  How do I get access to them?

Make sure you're signed up for A Body of Work That Lasts free training and you'll get a whole host of goodies you'll literally use for YEARS!! 
If you'd like to have a chat about FLOW & if it's the next right step for you, find a time to connect with me personally via Voxer, DMs, or Zoom right here.  

Grab Your Spot!