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You know it's time to take your business to the next level, but your wisdom is also telling you it's a depth you're looking for.

After all, there are strategic tactics & trends that definitely have their place, but what you're needing in this moment is more cohesion, weaving, & integrating that gives rise to something more.

Like taking the wisdom you have now to build a solid business & learning the lucrative skills of -

  • Building out your ideas, frameworks, and methodologies that are the backbone of your brand & business

  • Structuring & packaging your expertise to make more money & a bigger impact in the lives of your clients

  • And going from running a business to turning your message into a movement that can change the friggin’ world

Introducing Signature Suite - 

A high-level business training  program designed for Helpers, Healers, & Heart-Centered Change-Makers who are ready to distill their wisdom into an intentional flow of offers for a business that's here to last! 

This is timeless, foundational, smart business strategy rooted in sustainability, profitability, & scalability that will hold you through every evolution & 7-figures and beyond.  Are you ready to level up by going deeper?

Yes! Let’s Do It!

If I were a betting woman, I’d 


You’re no novice entrepreneur

You've created courses And digital products

You've Led group programs And/or Guided some big rooms

And there’s no doubt there’s magic happening in your spaces and with your work.  

Your clients love you & Your Values. They especially love their results.  

Which is likely why you’re here on this page in the first place. 

Because you know it’s time to go deeper (ahem - go signature) and:

  • Infuse your work with a signature method That Integrates Your Wisdom

  • Develop your first or next signature offer that creates a deeper potency In your work, And 

  • Start building (or completing) The signature suite you'll be known for that delivers powerful, Raved About results

Yes, you!!

This Is What Takes Your Business To The Next Level. 

By not only upleveling the way you see your wisdom & your work, but also giving your business a powerful flow of offers it can leverage to create the sustainable momentum needed to scale! 

  • Going bigger means going deeper
  • Going faster means getting more deliberate
  • Getting richer & more impactful means going more signature

It’s time to let your soul level up in the most powerful way!  

I’m Ready To Go signature
You’re tired of:

  • Feeling lost on what you’re supposed to build next in your business that actually creates momentum

  • Feeling stuck when it comes to revenue. You’re ready to level up! 

  • Having the most amazing 1:1 clients you adore who likely get the best results, but also know this is NOT going to be the way you make your multiple 6-figures. You need something that's repeatable, yet is still customizable so you can step into something more.  

What you need is a framework that helps you STOP doubting your greatness & spinning in all the "but what if-maybe's" and instead dig deep into your wisdom that ushers in legacy level results! This is the power of…

  • Your signature method
  • Your signature offers
  • Your signature suite
Because chances are...

Because chances are…

Sig·na·ture (adj, n)

From the latin root "signare" - to mark.  In modern terms, to leave YOUR UNIQUE MARK on the world.

There's a difference between an offer & signature offer.  

A Signature Offer (and especially your Signature Suite) will always be informed by your Signature Method - a process as unique as your handwritten signature that holds your wisdom, your brilliance, your purpose, and let's be frank - your soul!

  • Going Signature means getting radically clear on the impact & transformation you're here to make and building out your unique approach that helps others get there including tools, frameworks, and other intellectual property that can be monetized & packaged in countless ways. 

  • Going Signature means learning how to get the highest ROI from everything you create because it all has a space to belong inside your method & your business model.

  • Going Signature means creating deeper cohesion and connecting the dots between every ounce of wisdom you hold. It's what most people struggle with that keeps them stuck for years. 

Inside Signature Suite, I'll teach you exactly how to think & how to create from this place of cohesion that not only makes more possible in your business right NOW, but makes more possible in your business for years.

Going Signature is about to radically transform your business & your leadership for making your unique mark on the world!

This is what I'm known for best!



Supports 3 Unique Stages of Growth


Entrepreneurs who have created, sold, & delivered successful offers & are ready to take their wisdom Signature.


Entrepreneurs who have been in business for years & have pivoted and need to rebuild & integrate the wisdom they've gained.


Entrepreneurs who already have a Signature Offer and are ready to build the next one for more impact & easeful sales.

Introducing Signature Suite where you’ll find: 

Live Curriculum Calls

Group Coaching Calls

Optional Co-Working Calls

Private Slack Community

Clarity around your process & signature method

Timeless strategy for building a sustainable, scalable business

Financial tools, frameworks, and mindset to prioritize life-giving revenue & margins 

A repeatable framework for creating your BEST offers that bring your highest impact to the world

Plus, expert mentorship from a Fractional CEO who's helped businesses double, triple, & quadruple their revenue while also shifting the status quo

Signature Suite Is a Live Training Program With:

Now that we have your Signature Offer clarified, it's time to develop the messaging & positioning that lead to sales.  You'll get access to my positioning framework as well as my tested & perfected high-converting sales page template. 

Positioning is about strong communication & language resonance.  I'll teach you my process for putting your offer's soul on a page.


Preparing Your Signature Offer for Market


The quickest way to build out your offer suite is by creating it one signature offer at a time. Your Signature Offer has a lot of moving pieces from core objectives & problems it's solving, to cadence, capacity, duration, deliverables, price point, & cost of delivery. 

We'll firm up all these variables & validate them to ensure we're hitting all the "high-notes" before moving it forward into sales!



Your First (or Next) Signature Offer 

If your method holds your unique process that integrates your wisdom, your key milestones hold the sequence of how you lay it out.  

Your milestones are not only essential for creating your most potent offers, but creating the most natural flow of offers from one to the next. It's this magic ingredient that creates such deep cohesion for offers that literally start to sell themselves!


Your Milestones & Signature Suite


Your method holds the soul of your work & the wealth of your wisdom. Before we move into monetizing it, it's essential we get a clear grasp of your numbers so we can sustainably price your offers for long-term growth.  

From there, we'll map out your Signature Method you want to be known for & how it uniquely helps you stand out in the market for more word-of-mouth sales!


Your Money & Signature Method


As We Take an Intentional Journey
Over The Next 4 Months to:

Oh, by the way - 

Have we met?

I’m Megan Hale - Fractional CEO & Business Strategist for coaches, therapists, consultants, and healers who are ready to build their body of work that holds their wisdom and intentionally design their business for sustainable growth. 

As a former psychotherapist, I have a special magic for pulling your brilliance to the surface and distilling it into an intentional suite of offers that holds your soul. If you’re ready to step into more impact, support more people, & start building the foundation for a multiple 6-figure business - step into my office! 

It’s time to go deeper into your signature method, map out your signature suite, and create your first (or next) signature offer that can make so much more possible inside your business.  

I’m known for supporting Helpers & Healers who hold space for the inner work and helping you translate the often intuitive process you’re guiding clients through into something that can be clearly articulated, intentionally sequenced and structured, and leveraged for a powerful method that’s ready to go bigger in the world. 

If you’re here to build a business that’s here to last and start giving form to the wisdom that lives inside your head, your heart, and your soul - then you’re ready to go signature and I can’t wait to help amplify your brilliance in the world! 

You're Ready to go Signature!

Yes, save My Spot!

The Signature Difference 

The thing that stops most businesses from creating momentum is-
  • Not having a cohesive methodology that serves as an anchor point from which every piece of content, every offer, every philosophy is born

  • Not having signature offers that allow you to get the highest possible ROI from everything you've built

  • Not having a clear roadmap for what offer you need to build first (AND next) that makes more possible 

Which keeps you spinning your wheels vs. serving your clients deeply, impacting the world deeply, and of course generating the consistent revenue that makes so much more possible as a result!

It’s time to get clear on -
  • The work you MOST want to be known for
  • The offers your audience knows by name
  • And the sustainable business model that will hold, support you, & PAY YOU for years to come! 

This is the framework & container that's going to teach you to work hard once!

With Signature Suite, I’m going to invite you & guide you to focus your energy on the RIGHT THINGS & WHEN! 

  • Let's create your Signature Offer that starts to put your Signature Suite on the map. 

  • Learn the true foundations of sustainable, scalable business design that will support your business for years! And,

  • Tap into your deep well of wisdom for the wealth it has to offer (and generate) in the world! 

I'm Ready To Go Signature!

What I Propose Is This - 


How do I know I’m ready to go Signature? 

You hold the vision for going bigger with your work & know you want a sustainable, scalable business model to get there.  You're also ready to approach your business (and your process) from a more strategic and intentional lens. 

Our most successful clients: 
  1. Are either making $50K+/year, but bring YEARS of experience to the table (Businesses go through recalibrations all the time.  Bring your experience. It's what we're looking for!)
  2. Are making upwards of $100k/year with at least 3 years of experience of creating, marketing, & delivering offers
  3. Are already beyond the $250K mark & are ready to create their first $250K offer
  4. Are growth-minded meaning they come into our programs to learn business skillsets they can lean on for years to come AND 
  5. Are movement-focused meaning they also see their offers & their wisdom as a vehicle for creating systemic change for how others live, love, work, heal, teach, parent, and lead.

What are the key outcomes of this program?

You’ll walk away with your Signature Method, clarity on your Signature Offer Suite that's built on the principles of cohesion & sustainability, and a Signature Offer that’s ready to go to market, make sales, and support the people you’re here to serve.  But what you'll really walk away with is mentorship that teaches you smart, sustainable business design that supports you in making your biggest impact!

What if I’ve already created a Signature Offer?

Awesome! Then it’s time to clarify what signature offer you need to build next. A sustainable business model will always have an organic offer flow operating behind the scenes. If you already have one signature offer, it’s time to decide if you need to build an offer that comes before it or after it that can more deeply support your people. Plus, our framework will also likely help improve your existing offer to get even better, more refined results!

What if I’ve already mapped out my signature method? 

Then you, my friend, are sitting in a great spot!  There are a lot of trainings out there that help you clarify your Signature Method and your lived experience will definitely help you get even faster and better results.

However, our approach is incredibly unique especially because of our focus on building out a cohesive offer suite!  Therefore, you'll still go through our process for creating your Signature Method to make sure we have all the elements we need for seeing your approach fully and for clarifying the bigger movement you're here to lead. 

I'm planning my sales calendar. how soon can i anticipate my signature offer starting?

For experienced entrepreneurs with sales strategy, you can anticipate moving into an enrollment cycle the same week your sales page is built with your first scheduled delivery date within 4 weeks from our final call (July 30th).  

For entrepreneurs who do not have an enrollment strategy, I'd anticipate your first scheduled delivery date being within 90 days of our final call (July 30th).  This will give you the time you need to map out a spacious sales timeline & create any sales assets that are needed.

Is there a back-end offer for additional support if i want to learn your process for selling my signature offer?

Yes.  I have my Spacious Launch curriculum that delivers my entire sales strategy for creating high-value sales content & creating a relationship-drives sales process that leads to sold-out sales.  

If there's enough interest following Signature Suite, I'm toying around with a monthly membership model for those who want to stay in our community while moving their Signature Offers out into the world.  

Have more Q’s?  

Send me a DM on Instagram!



I'm In! Claim My Spot!

*Signature Suite is taught live with Megan Hale for experienced entrepreneurs who value cohesive, holistic strategy & want a high-level space to think deeply about their work, wisdom, wealth, and business model.

If you're ready to learn the ins & outs of sustainable business design for a business that's built to scale & last - you'll find your people inside Signature Suite and we can't wait to see you there!

A little love note for you…

Going "Signature" can bring up all the feels no matter how long you've been in business.
  • Are you ready to own your brilliance more than you ever have before?
  • Do you really have a unique method that people will pay a pretty penny for?
  • Can you trust yourself to not let all those voices of social conditioning get in the way?

What I can tell you from almost a decade of entrepreneurship and building a sustainable, flow-based, multiple 6-figure business is that there’s no such thing as all the way ready, there are people out there with a grain of the wisdom you do already making bank, and those voices of self-doubt will always win if you don’t put yourself in the arena to intentionally push back. 

  • You have wisdom that’s ready to be translated into a signature method.  
  • You have wisdom that’s ready to create a signature offer
  • You have wisdom deep enough + potent enough to build an entire signature offer suite

I'm bringing the sustainable strategy I’m known for.

You bring your wisdom & willingness to take your business to the next level. 

Together, we'll bring your unique signature to the world!

 Signature Suite!

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