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Have We Met?

I'm Megan.

Former Psychotherapist turned Business Strategist & FinTech Founder who's closing the financial knowledge gap one soulful entrepreneur at a time!

But I also go by "Mama", "Hunny," & by the select few, "Mae".

I'm a mama to two boys, a former active duty military spouse for 15 years (he just retired), & an oldest Southern daughter who's always had a wild streak for doing things my own way ❤︎

I'm so glad you're here!

A Little back story


Made the shift from therapy to coaching. Launched The Enoughness Revolution podcast.


Had my first baby. Learned how to work at a sustainable pace & lean into ease.


Launched Wild & Holy Radio. Created the DreamMoney™ Method.


Doubled my revenue working half the time with one key offer. Became a mama to two under two.


Mapped out my signature method & launched my first signature offer.


Tripled my revenue by building out my signature suite.


Had my first multiple six-figure launch.


Hired team. Started offering fractional CEO services to help coaches & healers sustainably scale.


Founded the DreamMoney™ app to help more equity-driven entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.

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A Few Core Beliefs

Clarity is always on its way. Small steps lead to big leaps.  Human first, CEO second. Unlimited potential, limited capacity (h/t Staci Jordan Shelton). There is always plenty of time. Black Lives Matter. You can never miss your own boat. Less is moreLGBTQIA2S+ rights are human rights. There is no such thing as overnight success. Slow down to speed up.   Stay in the room for the hard stuff. Dreams are built by being brave 5 seconds at a time. Focus on more of the right things. Money is one of the most potent change agents for creating a more equitable world. Our business is here to love us into our fullest expression. Ease always, but ease is not the same as easy. I always know what I need to know when I need to know it.  Borrow the confidence from your future self (she/he/they already have it figured out!)

- Our Vision -

By 2027, Megan Hale Co will empower 250 women & femme entrepreneurs to reach $250K in yearly revenue by providing gold standard business education, financial models, tools, & mindset, and a community of big-thinkers & go-getters who are here to lead & scale sustainable, purpose-driven companies. 

- The Numbers -

Support 50 women & Femmes monthly in mapping out their signature method

Support 100 women & femmes YEARly in Building out their signature offer suite

Support 10,000 montHly app
creating DreamMoney™ by providing the financial tools
to scale

- Our Values -

Equitable Leadership. We believe in an affirming model of leadership that is focused on raising others up to take their seat at the table where they belong. We believe representation matters, it's up to us to build a longer table, and big-visioned, equity-driven entrepreneurs will change the friggin' world.

Consent at every turn. We recognize coaching & mentorship is a symbiotic relationship designed to empower & affirm the wisdom in each of our clients.  We don't assume what you need. We ask permission before providing feedback. We acknowledge consent that's given once does not imply forever.

Curiosity is Queen. We believe in playing the “what if’s” to our favor, of staying open to solutions that may not seem obvious, of thinking outside of the box, of trusting the "how" will always follow the "why", and always choosing what feels aligned to our values - even if it is not the easiest path.

Brave Space. We create containers for others to be their truest selves. We honor confidentiality. We practice benevolence and adhere to a high ethical standard of service. We believe everyone is their own expert. We lean into discomfort & stay in the room for hard conversations. We bring our full selves to the table and create space for others to do the same. 

Business is Political. We are not afraid to share our values boldly with the world. We stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion and against all patriarchal systems of oppression including, but not limited to, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, and White Supremacy.  We are intentional about being anti-racist & decolonizing our conditioning toward productivity, rest, & wealth.

Our Commitment

We're committed to elevating more women, especially under-represented women, into more wealth.

We recognize representation matters & business is a huge opportunity to take a stand for the things that matter.

We're committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging by:

Investing in anti-racism education & DEIB consultants on a yearly basis

Upholding our cultural values inside our group programs that prioritize Black, Brown, & Indigenous centered space

Prioritizing hiring team members who bring a diverse perspective & lived experience across Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, & Ability

Supporting Black & Non-Black minority creators when sourcing client gifts & products

Donating 2% of our gross revenue toward organizations & causes committed to building a more equitable world while encouraging more business owners to do the same.

the 2% pledge

Let's change the world together

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