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Creating DreamMoney™ - Dream Money doesn't just happen by accident.  It's intentionally designed.  I'd love to share the framework that's helping more women & femme founders close the financial knowledge gap & building their most confident relationship with money!

Stability first, then big growth. There’s so much noise out there about pushing for more, more, more - especially the kind that can override our nervous systems. I’d love to chat about how we prioritize stability first and how this is the “secret” that creates a solid foundation for big growth again and again. I think we’d have an amazing conversation around how we define stability (especially the 3 things we need to be looking for) and how we give ourselves permission to move at our own pace, always finding our personal definition of success along the way.  

The gift of forced constraint. In 2017, I was faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle - wanting to make some big dreams happen in my business while also getting ready to become a mama to two under two while my husband deployed for 6 months just 3 weeks later. 🤯 In a year that didn’t make logical sense to pursue any big dreams, I ended up doubling my revenue by securing a year’s worth of cash flow in just 4 weeks before I had my second baby. Life constraints are almost NEVER fun, but they don’t have to mean our big dreams aren’t within reach.  

I’d love to have a vulnerable conversation about navigating big life obstacles, especially sudden shifts in capacity, and how we find that balance for taking care of our mental health while still pursuing our big dreams. 

About Megan Hale

Megan Hale is a Fractional CEO, Business Strategist, & FinTech Founder who supports brilliant therapists, gifted coaches, and wise practitioners who are leveraging their wisdom to shift the way we live, love, work, parent, heal, and lead. 

Her expertise is building sustainable, scalable businesses that are making major impact and are also built to last.  Her mission is to support the top 7% of women & femme founders already making multiple six-figures and those banging down the door to get in. 

Through her grounded approach with money, her focus on strategy, mindset, and nervous system regulation, and her keen eye for helping her clients spot their richest opportunities for growth, she provides high-level tools, framework, and strategies that are the complete opposite of fluff.  

Her entire framework is built on a stability-first model, which helps her clients create a sustainable foundation as they intentionally scale.  

Find her on her podcast DreamMoney™ as she shares her business wisdom for growing your revenue, growing your impact, and deepening your business leadership.

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