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2% of...

How 2% Stacks Up!





x 1000


Multiplied by THOUSANDS of small businesses

We're talking multiple millions to fund a more equitable world!

do i have to start giving 2% right away?

No. The 2% Pledge does ask you start giving 1% of your gross revenue right away and increase your giving to 2% within the next 12 months. The goal is to start & grow from there.

How It Works

can i choose what organizations i give to?

💯 One of the biggest aims of The 2% Pledge is to raise awareness of causes & organizations that need funding.

Because we'll have community hashtags we use when we share about the organizations & causes we're supporting, you'll be raising awareness for your fave organizations AND potentially connecting them with more funding! 

How It Works

do you handle any of my money?

No. You give directly to your organizations of choice.

How It Works

what's the difference between giving & equitable giving?

Equitable giving will always involve more than just giving money alone. It's about baking equitable practices into your business from the ground up, which organically impacts the way you give.

Giving to organizations that are doing equitable work in the world is just one way of contributing to social change. Taking the 2% pledge is a commitment to give AND prioritize equity in other ways too. It's both!

How It Works

am i signing up for promotional emails by taking the pledge?

No. You'll receive thirderly to quarterly updates on the pledge including organizations we're spotlighting, number of pledges submitted, and the amount Megan Hale Co clients have collectively given over year to date.

If you'd like promotional emails, subscribe at the link in our footer.

How It Works

The Goals of The 2% Pledge are Simple:

Make giving accessible no matter your revenue

Raise awareness for organizations that are doing amazing work in the world & connect them to more funding

Gather the helpers to fund systemic change

Leverage giving to raise your bottom line. When you make more, you can give more!

Take The Pledge

Let's Direct Our Money to Fund a More Equitable World!

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