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We help leading coaches, healers, authors & speakers scale multiple six-figure companies.

Who are leveraging both science & soul to usher in new paradigms for how we live, work, parent, heal, teach, lead, & love.

You're nervous-system aware (as in against hustle culture)

You're equity-focused

You're ready to scale your wisdom & expertise

While Changing Thousands of Lives!


We Believe


More helpers & healers making more money will shift the world

Sustainable, ethical business always puts people first

money, especially DreamMoney™, is our most powerful tool for shifting the status quo

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*Only 7% of women & Femme-owned businesses make over $250K/year.

we Support the top 7% AND THOSE banging down the door to get in.

- Our Specialty -

Smart business design

CONFIDENT Business leadership

Financial education for stepping into your most empowered relationship with money

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We Support Women & Femme Founders in Two Specific Stages of Business Growth

Working towards your first multiple six-figures

Already at multiple six-figures & ready to scale

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Oh, hi!

I'm Megan Hale - Business Strategist, Fractional CEO, and Founder of DreamMoney™ where I'm on a mission to help more coaches, therapists, consultants, & healers turn your wisdom into wealth & make multiple 6-figures your bare minimum. 

Why multiple 6-figures? 
Because $250K in yearly revenue is the financial milestone where more resources open up for a healthy salary, supportive team, and your ability to powerfully fund a more just + joyful world!

Our goal is to elevate more women into $250K in yearly revenue and then $250K with just one signature offer with smart, sustainable business models that are built to scale & last.

But this is truly just the start!  As a Scaling Strategist, I'm also the strategic thought partner behind powerful brands who are creating systemic change at the individual & organizational level. 

You're a change-maker and true visionary for shifting the status quo.  You've been intentionally building your methodology and leveraging your wisdom that's combining the science & soul for a more connected & regulated world.

Want to learn more about my journey from a psychotherapist in private practice to becoming a Fractional CEO & FinTech Founder of DreamMoney™?

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Our Approach Is Simple

To drive revenue is to drive impact and we have to get a whole lot more comfortable turning your wisdom into wealth!

We start by knowing Your Numbers & Crafting a Sustainable Revenue Plan

We Then Build Out Your Signature Offer Suite that's Intentionally Designed To generate more organic sales

We identify the fastest way to stabilize your business by mapping out your Lightest Lift to stable cash

So Your Business Is Not Only Built to Sustainably Scale & deliver impact.

It's Also Built To Last!

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megan hale co is a 2% giving company.

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