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Wondering why multiple 6-figures in annual revenue is so important when it comes to financial stability?  Download my free calculator that will shift you into a CEO mindset when it comes to cash flow!



Scaling to multiple six-figures can be "suite" & simple.  Join me for a high-value training as I take you behind the scenes of building an intentional offer suite so cohesive your offers literally start to sell themselves!



Your wealth is in YOUR wisdom! Especially if you're here to build a multiple six-figure business that holds the depth & breadth of your brilliance!

Let's #MapYourMethod so you can clearly communicate the value your wisdom brings for: 

  • More Sales
  • More Impact
  • More Changed Lives!

Join me for Map Your Method Live Feb 21st-Mar 13th for just $350! 

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Hi!! And welcome 💕 I'm Megan Hale - business strategist & money mentor for therapists, coaches, consultants, & healers who want a multiple 6-figure business that feels soul level good.  My specialty is helping you access the wealth in your wisdom, surface your signature method, & turn it into a signature suite by creating one signature offer at a time.  

The business you want is going to take grit, smart strategy, & intentional design.  But with me by your side, you'll learn the ropes (strategy + systems + mindset) to build a sustainable business that's here to create a lasting impact and a more just + joyful world!  Let's get to work ❤︎


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There's been a huge renovation Happening at Megan Hale Co!

Join us for an Open House as we debut our NEW Offer Suite plus the key reasons we decided to rebuild in 2024 that may also apply to your own business!

MARCH 4th 12-1pm CST