• Holding the complexity of your business
  • Standing in the specific details of your industry
  • And guiding your business forward while also supporting YOU - the human & CEO!

My Skillset + Your Mastery =

You're Looking for An Experienced Thought Partner Who Can 10x Your Growth While:

But   then...  you met me!

A Special Kind Of Business Magic!

the truth is - business can be a lot.

introducing fractional ceo services

where I support your brilliance in reaching more people & making more sales while helping you build the strategy, structure, systems, & team to sustainably scale

Scaling Sustainably is a Specific Type of Expertise

There's understanding your numbers & margins so you prioritize healthy profit.

There's understanding pace that protects & prepares your nervous system for new levels of growth & visibility.

There's building systems that are ready to hold an influx of clients, contracts, partnerships, & inquiries.

And there's ensuring the bigger business we're building creates an intentional values-led culture that feels like home & downright dreamy!

Chances are...

You deeply know your methodology & the impact it has for shifting paradigms for how others live, love, work, lead, & heal. 

But your next steps forward aren't as clear.  And that's where I come in with a gift of spotting the gaps in your business model & marketing and crafting the absolute lightest lift path for sustainable momentum.

There's knowing how to gradually & thoughtfully scale your team.

My clients will tell you I'm soulful, strategic, highly committed, & the complete opposite of fluff!

Businesses & Brands I Work With

As a former psychotherapist, I'm especially interested in supporting bodies of work that are trauma-informed & are bringing the knowledge of nervous system safety, attachment, & regulation to the forefront

My clients are authors, speakers, trainers, & podcasters who are making a name for themselves & body of work

You're usually a psychologist, therapist, social worker, or in an allied healing profession truly shifting paradigms & culture for how things are done

You either have a B2B business model with strong existing partnerships or you have a B2C business model with a strong, engaged community who is proud to be part of your world

You're connection focused & integrity-led.  You stand against hustle culture, but aren't afraid of big work.  You stand against oppressive systems and prioritize ethical, equitable business practices to create a more just and joyful world

You're connection focused & integrity-led.  You stand against hustle culture, but aren't afraid of big work.  You stand against oppressive systems and prioritize ethical, equitable business practices to create a more just and joyful world

Yes, This Is Me!

Wondering About Results?

Fractional ceo services are for entrepreneurs who are ready for incremental growth LIKE:

Going from $250K in yearly revenue to $250K with a trauma-informed certification in just 4 months

Going from $150K in yearly revenue to $435K in yearly revenue in 14 months by creating an organic sales engine internal to the business

Increasing revenue by 300% in 12 months by refining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion training for human services organizations

Going from $150K in yearly revenue to building out the structure & process for a 7-figure mandated state wide reunification certification in just 6 months

Mapping out a strategic revenue plan for a nation-wide multiple 7-figure training program for better hospital patient outcomes  in just 6 months

Mapping out a 7-figure revenue strategy over the course of 12 months for supporting teachers and their classrooms

The Specifics

We start with a 1:1 consult call so we can ensure fit & I can map out our initial strategy & timeline based on where you are & your specific goals.

If it's a "go" from us both, we'll meet every other week via Zoom for 75-minutes with unlimited Voxer support in between.

You'll have my expertise as we get a good grasp on your numbers, margins, and cash flow.  From there, we'll build out custom strategy for helping you reach your immediate & long-term goals.

The Investment

There are two investment options:

Option #1: We work off of a profit share model, which includes a low monthly fee + a percentage of revenue earned. 

This allows us to prioritize your monthly cash flow as we build out your strategy and then adding on a profit share as we start moving into incremental growth.  

Option #2: A standard monthly fee in alignment for an experienced Fractional CEO.

When you book a consult call, I'll send you specifics about your two options & we'll decide which is best depending on your cash flow.

Most clients start with an initial commitment of 6 months, but many of clients end up staying longer because when you find your person and you're getting results - business turns into friendship as we continue making a bigger impact & creating even more sustainable growth!

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Megan has literally cracked the code on increasing your revenue in the most values-aligned way.  Her expertise and tools are revolutionary that not only take a stand against capitalistic hustle and colonial burnout, but bring a deeply holistic, sustainable framework that has richly supported me as the CEO.  I have never seen this combination with any of the money or business coaches I have worked with and I have worked with MANY! 

I've increased my revenue by 300% year after year since working with her, solidified multiple six figures as my new norm, and have grown tremendously in my ability to trust my business to keep generating sustainable cash flow regardless of ups and downs in life or in the market.

As a Woman of Color having grown up with scarce access to financial resources - this is HUGE and something I never thought would be possible! I would not be where I am today with my business or my impact if it wasn't for Megan and her  DreamMoney™ method that has quite literally shifted my life & business!  

If you're looking for that special unicorn that brings both strategy & soul for your growth and is able to hold all the intricacies of your body of work, your industry, your values, & your needs - I cannot recommend Megan enough as your Fractional CEO!

Kirin Bhatti

Brownswell Healing