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W&H Radio is the place to be for mindset & energetic wisdom to grow a business while building a life grounded in deep integrity.

Every week, I bring my business acumen and spiritual perspective to help you show up braver, go all in, and expand into your fullest expression.  

Join me as we chat business, spirituality, money, & leadership to create your wildest success that honors your deepest truth. Both/& - Always!

Past Episodes:

Ep 62 | CEO Mindset & Money Mastery with Jackie McDonald

Ep 61 | Loving Your Business with Boundaries & Compassion

Ep 60 | Cracking the Confidence Code for Visibility with Susan Young

Ep 59 | The Money Mindset Myth

Ep 58 | Building a Cohesive Brand with India Jackson

Ep 57 | Behind the Scenes of a Rebrand

Ep 56 | Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Anna Osborn

Ep 55 | The Being of Earning

Ep 54 | Infusing Impact into Every Layer of Your Business with Erica Courdae

Ep 53 | The Inconvenience of Integrity

Ep 52 | Holistic Financial Mastery with Kath Derisson

Ep 51 | The Power of Money 

Ep 50 | Embodiment & Visibility with Jaya Rose

Ep 49 | How to Move Through A Vulnerability Block for More Earning

Ep 48 | The Gift of Personal Struggle & Collective Crisis

Ep 47 | The EnQ™ of Earning

Ep 46 | Stepping Into More Earning: Receiving, Permission, & Boundaries

Ep 45 | Tapping Into Millions with Jackie McDonald

Ep 44 | 5 P's Preventing More Profit

Ep 43 | My Biggest Mistake in Business  

Ep 42 | Being a Lighthouse for the LGBTQ Community with Mason Aid

Ep 41 | Fun(ds) & Faith: Increase Your Revenue & Feel Good While Doing It!

Ep 40 | Three Daily Habits to Create More More Money Love (Both In Your Heart & Bank Account)

Ep 39 | The Courage Habit with Kate Courageous

Ep 38 | Healing Transgenerational Money Stories

Ep 37 | 3 Simple Shift to Structure Your Business to Make More Money

Ep 36 | 3 Mindset Shifts for More Earning 

Ep 35 | The 2 Sided Coin of Debt

Ep 34 | The IIA of Integrity

Ep 33 | The 5 Love Languages of Money

Ep 32 | Letting Your Business Be in Service to Your Life

Ep 31 | Alchemizing Fear + Faith into Bravery

Ep 30 | 4 Core Money Beliefs & 5 Self-Beliefs that Support Them

Ep 29 | Wealthy & Holy | Holy & Wealthy

Ep 28 | How & Why to Put Money First in Your Business

Ep 27 | It'll Be Hard & It'll Be Fine

Ep 26 | Welcome to Season 2!

Ep 25 | Good/Better/Best Goals & Celebration

Ep 24 | How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

Ep 23 | Staying Grounded During Stressful Times

Ep 22 | With Reshma Thakker

Ep 21 | Scaling Back to Expand Forward

Ep 20 | The Bullseye of Bravery (aka "The Playground for Adults")

Ep 19 | Coaching as Activism with Andréa Ranae Johnson

Ep 18 | First the Grief, Then the Surrender (And Other 4 Letter Words)

Ep 17 | With Gurds Hundal

Ep 16 | The Wholeness of Holiness

Ep 15 | With Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg

Ep 14 | A Call for Intersectional Spirituality

Ep 13 | The How Will Follow the Why

Ep 12 | The Underbelly of Expansion

Ep 11 | The 3 Ways Our View of God Changes Everything

Ep 10 | Healing Spiritual Wounds with Rev. Carol Merritt

Ep 9 | Healing Religious Wounds

Ep 8 | What I Mean When I Say the Word "God"

Ep 7 | Staying Close With Your Partner During Times of Deep Spiritual Expansion

Ep 6 | Part III of III | Three Types of Spiritual Shifts Accompanying Expansion

Ep 5 | Part II of III | Three Types of Spiritual Shifts Accompanying Expansion

Ep 4 | Christian Sinclair and Spiritual Mastery

Ep 3 | Part I of III|Three Types of Spiritual Shifts Accompanying Expansion

Ep 2 | With Rob Bell and What is the Bible?

Ep 1 | Welcome to Wild & Holy™ Radio, The Realest Conversation on Spirituality, Living Your Truth, and Creating a Life that Honors Your Soul

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> Woo in all the right places I found this podcast through courage & clarity. Megan is one hal of the Bizdom series there and I've loved every episode. Curiosity drew me over here to Wild & Holy, and I've found the approach different and unique to other business podcasts. Integrity wasn't a word I had associated with myself of values, but it fits me so well as someone who values radical honesty. This podcast's candid talk about spirituality, energy, vibrations can maybe feel a bit woo to some, but I'm so here for it! Thank you Megan for all of the work you do... I'm so glad W&H has returned! ~ Angela Bortone

> Business savvy with a side of spiritual growth Megan Hale has a gift. She knows how to merge the intangible aspects of spirituality, faith, and intuition with the practicalities of business, money,and life. She approaches it through the lens of integrity and invites you toexplore more deeply how you want to show up in the world each day. Every single episode contains mic-drop wisdom that will revolutionize how you approach yourself, your business, your relationships, and your life. Do yourself a favor and subscribe - you won't be disappointed! ~ Lee McDonough

> Finally the side of business & self-growth that we are craving to explore Listening to Megan's podcast is like sitting in on a 1:1 session where you feel like she is speaking directly to you. She tackles the same roadblocks in business and life that we have all come up against, but in a truly rare, unique way that finally gets to the heart of where it comes from and how to tackle it. Episode 28 on "How & Why to Put Money First in Your Business" was honestly next level analysis & reflection on money that leaves me asking, "How on earth is this free content?!" Somehow I am looking forward to my long commutes because I get to throw this podcast on & know that I will walk away feeling changed. Couldn't ask for more from a podcast & transformational leader in the business/self-help space. ~ Chrissy Papetti

> BOLD and real Great podcast that shares openly and vulnerably on the topics many people question. Megan does a great job providing context, clarity, and real life examples as she unpacks a conventional subject in an unconventional way. ~ Tara Newman

> Powerful conversation Megan really makes you think about things differently. She connects her experience with ways to tweak your midnset for progress. It's authentic and inspiring in all the right ways. ~ Hunnylipps

> She goes there... Megan goes there. Where is there? The pace where you feel uncomfortable, raw and vulnerable, aka the place where incredible shifts happen. Megan has been a force in the self-help and spiritual community and offers powerful conversations that are relevant and needed in our lives and society. When you are ready to make some changes, Megan offers a strong, loving, and unique perspective. ~ MrsKurz

> Absolutely incredible Wild and holy radio with Megan hale is fantastic. It's spiritual and enlightening all at the same time. She's engaging and makes me want to listen to her every word. ~ Brigid Ward

> Hands down - the BEST! Wild and Holy Radio is amazing! Megan Hale has a way of reaching sacred spaces in such an encouraging and open way! Superb podcast for the spiritually inquisitive and those ready to plunge deeper! ~ Kim Russ

> We've always been holy, born to be wild Five stars! Megan has a unique ability to balance a welcoming, inclusive vibe with a deliberate pushing of the spiritual envelope. In a world of tired debates bogged down with dogma, Megan bings SO much freshness and curiosity to Wild & Holy Radio. As a spiritual person who has felt a little left behind and confused by a more traditional upbringing, but a longing feeling to "go home" to myself, I cannot wait to walk this Wild & Holy path as blazed by Megan! ~ Steph Crowder

> Authenticity at it's best I've been a fan of Megan's for quite some time... this next adventure is another testament to her authenticity and willingness to be open, go there, do the work, and bring value to you and me. Thank you Megan. ~ Michelle McGlade